Pit of Despair
Deep, dark, and dreary
Cold, wet, and
Seeping with ooze
That is how
I would describe
The place where
I go deep into
The winter
When all is
Cold and barren
And un-living like
Past my heart
And past my soul
Past my bowels
And past my reach
It is almost out of body
But not this year
Not ever again
Will I go to that
Pit of despair
Never will winter
Reach its long, cold
Hand deep into
My heart and soul
I will be lost no
More in those
Catacombs of loneliness
Not knowing where
I am or where
I'm going
And one day
I will return
To that place
Wherever it is
Take it into
My hands and
Crush it
Crumble it
Like a piece
Of paper to be
Recycled into
Loving happy
Thoughts for
Spring time.
--By Jamie Erdman aka Poetsoul