Dark thoughts spring forth unbidden, lightly kissed by the iridescent moonlight.

Like light shrouded in darkness, I come to you.

In your instinctual reverie you know me like the night knows the dawn, the child it births each morn.

Dusk descends, you shiver, your body responding to the inner stirrings of awareness.

My eyes meet yours as they have done so sweetly many times before.

Locked, you gaze deep beneath my silvery-blue irises, seeing lifetimes and archaic civilizations rush by as you unearth the bitter familiarity.

Souls intermingle.

Fiery passion seizes your body like lightning immersed in a rapturous tempest.

With a past that winds like chains around your heart, a solitary tear traces a river of pain down the gentle sloping of your cheek.

You hear the rhythmic susurration of my heartbeat…deafening, consuming, terrifying in its divine monstrosity.

Seized by rapture and fear, understanding and naïveté, you utter the raspy entrails of the ancient password, eyes wide in expectation and astonishment.

Suddenly you recall vivid memories,

Sacred ritual, the last harvest of Samhain, the joyous reveling of Beltane,

The calling of the Goddess, the sacrifice of the God, the faith,

The desperate and abiding love, the furtive caresses in the shadow of the Moon.

You are my God and I am your Goddess.