You held me at a time when I was in the hold of violence, dreaming of palm
islands to escape the cold sirens, all I needed was to look in your eyes'
iris; the serenity of silence; beauty aspiring, I wanted to run when the
shots were firing; they fell dying, it grows tiring when u see another
friend lying, and you can't get away from the world by defying, I'll stop
trying, we've flown this far why stop flying, you leave and my heart bleeds
thoughts of you smiling, why breathe when the worst realities start piling,
I start driving, slowly out of here, mostly out of fear, I got to go
somewhere, anywhere but here, you held me then so why don't you now dear,
you showed me how the waves flow to shore and you bore your soul to me, we
slowed time to save the lives we wanted to share but out of no where you're
so cold to me, I know I fell out of control when I rolled but how can we...
I'm sitting on the balcony; ecstasy and alchemy, I think I'll call you, but
these drugs make me fall through, pissed at god knows, I sit in this cold;
the wind blows, were growing old and even time wrinkles, I wish I could say
to you my thoughts logical and simple, listen, this temporary escape got me
slipping, u caught me tripping on it, it doesn't mean you got to leave
ripping my heart and spitting on it, this is shit, but you know what? We
both know our bond was ionic, and even though I'm high on chronic it's
ironic, that years from now you'll be the one with no future dying in your
own vomit, shit always comes back around to hypocrites like Haley's comet,
and I'll be honest, your love to me was precious, but that parasitic love
became viral and infectious, I dreamt only of her times when I said I love
her, And I'll do everything I can to see her do as I did. Suffer.