The pace of it all
Take it away; erase the pace at which we walked along alone, because steep
Your face and eyes despite what lies contrived placed deep within your sin
was worth living in
From my memories missing pieces leave spaces- the way you removed my heart
The air between us dissipates in traces releasing energy with no holes in
its thesis
The ease of breezes to where the cold freezes, symbolic of our journeys
beginning and ending cytokinesis
Reality does as it pleases, our steps retraced as fate asphyxiates our
mortal soul's last breathing,
Seeming dreams no reasons to believe in the life of spring brought upon the
death of seasons
Temporary sickness this shits a permanent affliction, your lips; a sick
Your words and diction shift time's indolent malediction
A late lesson learned through contradiction, where is the world in this
universe of fiction?
Heat friction, we split; fission, now I'm wandering in my decision with
inconspicuous vision
Vicious ambition know I'm wishing for a different disposition, the lack of
intuition forces my submission
The sight I saw the light of dawn conclusions drawn heavy from the fight of
it all
And the brightness installed from the weight of it all, images given flight
in spite of the fall
We were hand in hand between twilight and nightfall less than perfect but
with no downfall or flaws
It can't be this way, the state at which it was arranged changed, seeing it
stall forcing me to withdraw
Laced with your embrace, know I'm falling from grace, no where to go my
soul already displaced
Simple kiss loving taste maybe in a parallel world we could fix the case,
just know in my heart you always had that special place