"A Friend"

A friend is a hug
On the loneliest of days
To offer comfort

A friend is a ray
Of sunlight when the rain is
Pouring down on you

A friend is the light
A comforting moonbeam in
The thickest darkness

A friend is the thought
The memory that puts the
Joy into your soul

A friend is the hope
Hope of a new tomorrow
On the gloomy days

So here's to my friends
Thanks for the special treasures
You have given me

My friends you must know
That I will hold you in my
Heart for all of time

Author's Note: I'm not sure about the last stanza so tell me if I should nix it. This haiku is dedicated to all of my friends. I actually started writing this for one in particular: Sarah. And then I wound up writing to all of my nearest and dearest. So, to all of my friends, You know who you are, I want to thank you for being there for me. To comfort me in sadness, to make me smile when I hated my life, and just accepting me for who I am and not who I appear to be. You all are so appreciated and I cannot adequately say how much you all mean to me.