Hey, I'm a (bad) poet and I didn't even know it.This is a really bad
ode to how much I hate my evil history teacher. And actually, history is a
rather useful subject in writing, but I couldn't think of a better line.
Looking for reviews with subjects for new rants.if anyone but Stoo actually
wants me to write any.

A Poetic Rant

My teacher is annoying,
This really is the case,
He yells and rants and rants and yells,
And really gets in your face.
He says he assigned homework
That nobody heard about,
When nobody brings it in,
This causes him to shout!
Everybody gets zeroes
And that's nobody's fault but his,
I might flunk, I don't care, who needs history
In the writing biz?
His tests are way too difficult
He grades them way too hard,
Maybe someday I'll make a prank
Of mailing him some lard.
I am a horrible poet,
I know this to be true,
But if people don't think I'm too bad,
I'll write more rants for you!
Maybe next time I'll scream and shout
About something anybody cares about!
I have recently decided I must add this addendum to this poem. While I
still believe everything I wrote when I wrote this, recent events have made
me reconsider. This teacher is still the most annoying teacher I have ever
had. But I have recently realized--I always knew it, but it just now came
into my conscious mind--that he is also the one I have learned the most
from. Doesn't mean I won't still mail him lard, though...