i'm sick of all of this;
referred to dermatologists
doctors tossin prescriptions
and dicking with my system
trying to fix things most kids don't live with
i'm itching to be listened to
people, i'm missing school
and not getting full when i eat
i have severe anxiety
i'm paranoid, i stare at voids
pretending that i hear a voice
my thoughts haunt me at
night while i'm off to bed
i'm lonely at the best of times
the rest i'm just depressed and crying
tonight i testify
these desperate times
are kept aside,
while i'm left behind
obsessed with what's not getting much attention
drenched in distress from stressin
and bent on being misdirected
like an english prick in texas
i'm missing people's blessings
addressed to my fake essence
hiding every thought depressing
but i'll let this be a lesson
and never express any concerns
as it burns much worse with every word