A/N: yep this is my own stuff inspired by the matrix among other thing,
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The year is 2531 AD. The world has changed, what that once was and what had
been is now gone erased, forgotten by those that now live their empty
meaningless lives now.
Great advances in science and medicine mean that longevity is increased and
the earth's problems are no more, but trouble was brewing even then
A great war has started, between the powers of Europe and the Americas.
While the rest of the world is caught in the crossfire economics flounder,
crime rates increase and death rates soar.
With the start of a new century hope dies, as a stalemate makes sure anyone
who isn't with a side is slaughtered in belief to be the enemy. There is
little anyone can do as tactics, including germ warfare are used. Thousands
die as the stalemate continues.
Hope is seen as a new cult comes from the shadows of war and makes a path
for world peace. They call themselves Thought Poolers. Within the year they
have disarmed both sides using peace talks. By the next year they have
complete control of the world governments. They promise the people of the
war-ravaged world a better life.
As the world welcomes a new century, it prospers. Thought Poolers have
delivered on their promises and made the world a better place. But fearing
terrorism they invent a brain scan, which reveals the thoughts of people in
a matter of minutes. Soon after they reveal a law making it illegal not to
attend Thought Pool once a week. The punishment is imprisonment.
After fifty years of rebellion against Thought Pool, the rebel group, Free
Thought goes underground after a hundred Thought police storm their
headquarters. Many rebels were killed, injured and arrested. Those arrested
were never seen again.
The happy Thought Pooler society is now worldwide. Those who rebel are
careful not to reveal their thoughts during Thought Pool. But it's getting
harder. The leader of Free Thought realizes the only way to defeat Thought
Pool lies in a prophecy made by Nostrodamus. As the worldwide society
slowly become more and more brainwashed by the head of Thought Poolers
resistance becomes through necessity more and more hidden and made up of
word exchanged in a dark alley.
The present day. All religions have been disbanded and now Thought Pool is
considered a religion. Those who do follow another religion are extremely
secret about or have to have a permit. People have now become bar-coded at
birth to ensure participation at Thought Pool. Those who aren't bar-coded
do not exist and that is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The
believed time for Nostrodamus' prophesied one is nearing and Free Thought
is preparing for the last battle of ideals.
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