Hands clasped in prayer Seth prayed long and hard for something, for
anything. It was too quite too peaceful; the world was so much quiet and
peace that it made him feel sick. Finally he gave up and standing he
stretched his long legs and smoothed annoying creases in his trench coat.
He snuffed the single candle that was held on a stand that came up to about
his shoulders. The small temple was the last one left in the world and the
temple was well a crappy one. The floor was marble and the four columns
were as well. Two steps led to a platform were the candle stood and a small
table with two small books on it. One book was a novel called 1984; the
other book was a book entitled the complete history of Europe. The last
remanets of the earth's history and what it once was. Seth buttoned up his
trench coat and grabbed his sunglasses. He ran a hand through his short
black hair and walked out of the temple. Locking the door behind him he set
off down the dust road to his apartment. The town that he lived in was
reasonably small compared to others, with only ten apartment blocks made up
of hundred apartments. Also there were five streets for shops, two schools
and of course a huge complex for Thought Pool. Seth's temple was on the out
skirts of town, which was lucky otherwise it would have been destroyed when
Thought Pool had come into power. Thought Pool, Seth spat in disgust as he
tried to remember like so many countless times before what was so great
about it. Back in town it was even more dusty and dirty than when he left
which was yesterday. He got to his apartment block reasonably quickly
considering the jostling crowds, stinking and putrid. He walked up several
flights of stairs and pushing the key into the lock he sighed, another day
of no hope. Turning the key he pushed the door open. His apartment was
extremely sparse with only three rooms he had a bed, a table for eating on
and all the necessities for a working kitchen. Seth didn't mind he hardly
spent anytime there anyway. Most of his life was spent at the temple,
praying, cleaning it and hoping, that soon he would be freed from the
boring life that Thought Poolers introduced. Seth unbuttoned his coat and
put it on a hook that he had attached to the wall, last week. Walking to
the fridge he opened it and looked inside. Mouldy cheese and a hard hunk of
bread. How exciting, Seth thought with a droll expression. Slamming the
door he trudged to his bedroom and fell onto the bed. Sighing he stared up
at the ceiling. Another day gone. Soon Seth was asleep, dreaming of a world
in which he couldn't be a part of.