Chapter 1: The Below

Don't look at me like that. I know what you must be thinking, What kind of a freak are you? You have no right to poison our world. You have no right to live. Am I right? Well, you know what? You did this to me. You and all the other upper-worlders. You kept trying to defy God and change the DNA of those who look differently than you. You tried to create new species of animals, and it all went wrong.

What? The scar on my ear? Are you sure you want to know, you probably wouldn't understand? Well, you asked for it. Because of the animal genes that were forced into my blood I have become feral, wild. I have to protect my family. I have to fight for rank and position in the group. I got that fighting with Wolf a few months ago. It's just the way it is.

Oh? The girl in the corner? That's Kitty. Her real name? Elizabeth. You guessed it. We call her kitty because of how she looks. You can't tell from here but if you got closer ten you'd see her ears and yellow eyes. Her brother is curled up in the corner you can't even tell that he was human once.

I know that it seems that we get along. We do, as long as we don't invade each other's space that is. I guess that we have all come to grips with reality. Well most of us anyway. The Harpy's are still adjusting. They can't handle the fact that we will never be allowed into civilized communities. They deal with their grief by shouting curses to anyone within range. Foul birds they are.

We have those who look like canines, felines, birds, reptiles, and even fish. They aren't that bad. They all have nice personalities if you can get past their appearance. And if you stay away from their food. But there are some that even I cant get past their appearance. Their skin is covered in boils and burns. They look as if their skin will fall off any minute. The skin cells didn't form all the way. Because they were failed experiments, just like everyone else here, they were tossed into empty alleys where we took care of each other. We stayed in the shadows because we made babies cry and women faint at the sight of our hideous bodies. The Norms believed we were creatures of the devil and that we would steal their babies under the cover of night. They drove us out of the cities and towns. The only place we would be safe was here. But these caves were not as they are now.

This was once a whole mountain until the Moles came and dug the tunnels. It was crowded for years.
We have noticed that our children are becoming more creature than human and maybe they will one day walk the surface again. It seems unlikely th-

What? My mask? My face is too hideous to look upon. My mother has always kept it hidden. I have never seen it, nor do I want to. I would never curse any one with the sight of a face as ugly as mine. Even to those who dwell down here, my face is hideous. The babies scream at the sight and their cries echo throughout the caves. I would never hear the end of it.

Leaving now? I suppose you would. You are disgusted by us. We make you sick. You pity us but fear us as well. I guess if I were a Norm I would feel the same way. You will go back to your comfortable home and forget about us by the time you wake tomorrow. The world above will continue to hate us.

But now as you disappear to the surface, just know that there is a war coming. We will take over the surface and be the ones who breathe the air.