Chapter 4: The Meeting

The long day was finally over or at least that's what Michael and Rat had thought. When they arrived back at the entrance to their home the air had a nervous feeling to it. The crept inside knowing that they weren't allowed to be in the Above. The two boys heard voices deep inside the caves.

As they got closer they picked up the sounds of the Elders as they talked about something serious. "We have been passive much too long. Something must be done. No longer can we go to the surface and hunt for food. Only yesterday, Miles was shot by a hunter leaving Faulina mateless. This is only the most recent of the attacks. We have done nothing to provoke these assaults." An old badger like creature said. The scar on his right eye and cut in his ear had been from another attack that had happened only a few weeks before. So far, he was the only one to survive a confrontation with man. Many others hadn't been so lucky. "Can we let them hunt us like barbaric animals? Or will we stand up and protect the Young?"

The room seemed to growl in unison at the idea of someone harming their children.

A young man who resembled a lion in his mass of mane stood on his haunches and roared. The room fell silent. His voice was raspy , "How will we do any damage when we are few in number and they are many. We have claws and teeth and can only fight when they are close. They have guns and can kill us from afar. We will be slaughtered in a matter of hours. That will not do us justice."

The badger didn't take to being made a fool. "Of course, we would be prepared. We are not the only outcasts. We could send scouts to find other colonies and join forces. We could triumph over the humans."

"Violence is not the answer!" A woman strode to the front of the group. She was almost normal. Her feline eyes were her only give away. "We don't need to fight."

"Then what is our idea to end the suffering we must endure?"

"I - I don't know." Her head dropped as she shrank back.

"Then there is no solution except war." The badger said. " Sandy, Mole, Granite! Go to the other colonies and rally the troupes. We will need their help."

Rat had snuck closer so he could hear better. He saw all the members of his colony file out of the chamber towards their burrows. The girl with yellow eyes walked toward him. Oh no, she's gonna see me. But she walked right past him and out the entrance into the night. Where is she going? Deciding that he would follow her to make sure she didn't get into trouble, he padded after her.

In half an hour he was again at the edge of the city looking at the passing cars. Marie had found her way into an alley and was looking around. She was definitely waiting for something. Or someone. She didn't have to wait long before a tall man showed up from behind her and put his hand over her mouth. Rat hissed quietly ready to attack the stranger.

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