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Chapter Two, Home alone:

Ameria sat home alone, her parents out to dinner and her being an only child. She sat eating some Mac and cheese watchin the late night movie. Her phone sat on the arm of the cushy chair she was sitting in, incase her parents phoned or something.
Half way through the movie, she heard something down stairs on the first floor, she grabbed her phone and went to go and investigate.
Walking slowly, she crept down the lighted stairs, to where the living room and her father's study was. There was no one there, she started to go and make sure the door was locked when she heard another noise, this time in the basement.
She walked to the basement door, it was open. It wasn't open before. She opened the door wider, and started her way down the dark stair way. The stairs creaked, and moaned under the weight of a person, old and damp the basement had some old preserves in there, and old stuff from when Ameria was a baby and some of her parents' old stuff.

"Hello???" Ameria called out.

No answer, then behind her she heard another sound. The door with the only source of light slammed, and Ameria was left in the dark all alone.
She ran up the stairs and pounded on the door screaming to be let out. Scared out of her wits, not knowing what was going on, Ameria let the tears fall.
She didn't know what do to. Someone was in her house, no one was home but her and now she was trapped in her basement.
Then she looked around in the darkness and felt the phone still in her hand. She found a button pushed it, making all of the lights behind all of the buttons illuminate. The only button on there was call display and hang up and redial.
Not knowing what to do, she pushed redial and pressed the phone up to her ear.

~*~*~*~*~*~ The Phone Call ~*~*~*~*~*~

"Hello?" A familiar voice rang out.
It was Adam; he was still on her redial from two nights before.
"Hello?" He asked again.
"Adam?" Ameria asked to make sure it was him.
Adam recognized Ameria's voice right away, but it was different, it was her usual composed and mysterious tones, but frantic nervousness.
"Ameria?" he asked.
"Adam, please help me." She said all of a sudden behind her she heard another noise; someone was coming towards the door.
She ran down the creaking and moaning stairs, the tripped on the last stair falling on her face and dropping the phone.
"Ameria?" Adam called out.
Ameria frantically picked herself up, and grabbed the phone running to the door down at the bottom that went outside.
"Ameria what's going on??" Adam asked a slight bit of worry in his voice.
"There's someone in my house, they locked me in my basement; but they're coming back." She replied quickly, busting the door open, and escaping to the cool night air.
"Then why'd you call me? Call the cops!" Adam said forcefully, kinda not knowing what to say.
"Because I only have one button on my phone, the dialing is up in my room..sorry but you were on redial.now please help me!" Ameria exclaimed crouching down behind a large bush.
A raspy voice called out; loud enough for Ameria and Adam to both hear.
"Little girl.. Come out..I is not going to hurt you little girl..please come out."
Adam heard the voice loud and clear, and immediately he told Ameria to run.
Ameria didn't run right away, but then she saw the guy. He was tall, maybe 6'5" and was in baggy jeans, a baggy sweatshirt, and has a bristly beard forming on his cheeks, just tiny little whiskers. His hair was dark brown and very short. In his hand, was her dad's hunting knife.
"Oh my god, Adam he has a knife!" She cried out, standing up and running.
"Ameria, run as fast as you can. Get out of there now!" Adam practically yelled.
Ameria grabbed the phone and put in her pocket, then ran as fast as she could down her long driveway towards the road. Not looking behind her Ameria heard the quickly pursuing foot steps. Adam could hear them too, he tried to tell Ameria to go faster, try and keep her calm but she would reply all he could hear was the footsteps and cloth rubbing against the speaker.
Ameria grabbed the phone from her pocket, and heard Adam's voice telling her to keep going, that everything would be alright.
Ameria was sure she was going to die that night. She grabbed the phone hard, still running.

"Adam there's something you need to know." Ameria said.

Just then, as Adam started to tell her that she had no time and she could tell him later; Ameria hit the end of the drive way. The guy was a few meters away from her.
She ran out into the road, still on the phone and running.

"Adam I want to tell you that- " Ameria started but then a speeding car came careening around the corner, and not seeing Ameria kept going its speed and hit her square on, flinging her up into the air and over to the side of the car where it screeched to a halt.
The guy with the knife ran as soon as he saw the car come around the corner, and was no where to be seen when the driver of the car jumped out to see Ameria.

Ameria lay limply on the asphalt; the phone still lay in her hand.

The driver came jumped out of the car to see if she was okay, and he grabbed the phone out of her hand, Adam was still asking her to speak to him.
Adam stood in front of the big picture window, staring out at the moon asking, pleading Ameria to speak to him.
Then another voice came on the line, it was a young man maybe in his twenties with a soft voice that was a little frantic.
"Please phone an ambulance I just hit this girl running out of her drive way, there was someone running after her too, please phone the cops too!" he exclaimed.


Adam sat in the waiting room of the hospital, Ameria had been out of school for a week and no one had even talked to her yet. Only Adam and the guy who had hit her.
They hadn't found the guy who had been after her, and her father's expensive jeweled hunting knife was missing along with some of Ameria, and her mother's jewelry.
She was the top story in the news, and the only people she had talked to were Adam, Matt, and her family.
Matt was the guy who had run into her, he went through a lot of stress that first couple of days when Ameria had been in a slight coma. Now that she was awake and talking to Adam, he had calmed down a bit, he stayed at the side of her bed and only left when Adam came. Adam entered the room; Matt had fallen asleep in the chair beside her. Ameria lay motionless, hooked up to a ventilator and all bruised up it was depressing to see her like this.

"Matt, wake up." Adam said softly.

He looked up a little confused, but he then smiled and quietly muttered about falling asleep and stuff. Adam smiled then sat at Ameria's side, looking at her with an odd expression on his face that Matt couldn't read.

Suddenly, Ameria's father came running into the room.

"They found the guy who broke into our house!" He exclaimed.

Adam had a slight wince on his face along with Matt, as Ameria moved a little. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw her father, Adam and some guy standing around her bed.
Confused, she looked around seeing IVs and stuff attached to her; she looked at her dad with a very confused look.

"Dad, what's going on?" She asked.

"Ameria, you don't remember? Someone broke into the house while your mom and I were out to dinner, and they pulled a knife on you sweetie." He said gently, sitting on her bed and grabbing her shoulders gently.

"Then you phoned me cause I was on redial, and then when you were running away, you came to the end of the driveway and." Adam trailed off after he had jumped in.

Matt cleared his throat not being able to speak. He tried to say something but it wouldn't come out.

"I hit you with my car when I came around the corner." He finally managed to say.

Ameria looked at him with a little shock and disbelief. She looked from her dad, to Adam to Matt; Not knowing what to do again.

Then it all started coming back to her. The guy, the knife, Adam, running, being absolutely sure she was going to die, then a sudden screeching of the running, Adam's voice trying to assure her, and all conscious feeling. Then a worried voice, talking to someone she couldn't hear or see, saying to get an ambulance and the police and then telling her that everything would be okay and she would be alright. Then a few little snatches of Adam's voice, her father's voice, her mother's and someone else she didn't know along with the one that had told her she would be alright. Talking about doctors and whether or not someone would be alright.

"You're going to be alright." Matt said softly.

Ameria smiled, and looked around at her dad and Adam and gave her dad a hug.

The guy who broke into Ameria and her family's house, was caught as her father had said, and all of the stolen property was returned.
Ameria made a full recovery, and was back at her high school within a few weeks.

Remember when Ameria was running down her driveway and was about to tell Adam something because she was sure she was going to die? It was that she loved him, she finally told him and now they are the cutest couple in the tenth grade.

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