Chapter One: Life Just Sucks

Claidi's POV

Studies show that having a six year old genius for a younger sister, a thirty year old CEO executive for an older brother, an athletically challenged twin, and a politician father can really reduce your people skills.

At least, that was my excuse when I got dragged into the principal's office for super glueing Chuck Woodward to the gymnasium wall.

Now, if you knew the situation, which fully constituted such a punishment 9for Chuck, not me), I wouldn't be sitting in front of our big purple prune of a principal, Mr. Peterson, instead of doodling nuclear bombs blowing up the school in the back of my Science notebook. Because, certainly, you would understand that NO ONE calls me a "Colossal, no, royal pain in the ass" without getting hurt. And I didn't think that we needed a repeat of last year, when I glued Jimmy P's hands to his crotch like that guy from American Pie 1, 2, and 3.

Mr. Peterson, of course, did not know the circumstances, and he didn't care. He and I have a bad record with each other. As if it was MY fault my egg missed Cody's head and flew out the Math room window and hit his bright red Miata instead.

"Miss Langley," He bellowed. I swear, if the vein in his forehead popped out any more, we'd need, like, fifty ambulances people to get the giant walrus of a man out the door. AND he was pronouncing my name wrong AGAIN. It's not "Lan-glee" it's "Lung-lee". But, of course, telling HIM that would only turn a bad situation into an apocalypse. "You know, I'm getting pretty tired of seeing you in my office every month."

Oh, and I'm not? As a matter of fact, I'm pretty tired of seeing him at all. "I'm sorry sir."

"If you were REALLY sorry, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now!" He banged his fist on the table. As if THAT made a difference. All it did was make a stack of papers fall off his desk. "You obviously need time to develop your people skills after school. Therefore, you are now a member of the school's creative writing class. I'll send your father the address. I'm sure he'd LOVE to hear what went on today."

I almost smirked. Dad was the city mayor, a real important guy. He never read any mail that didn't have "CEO Headquarters" (which would make it from my brother) or "Concerning Office Matters" (which made it from his little politician friends) in the Subject line. He didn't care what me, or my twin sister Chyler, did.

The prune must've noticed how I brightened because he added, "Oh, and Miss Langley, if I hear word that you weren't there for your first class tomorrow afternoon, I will personally make sure you have detention for the next four months." My jaw dropped. Four months?! "Good day. Hurry, or you'll be late for class."

He gave me that I've-won-you've-lost-get-used-to-it smirk and ushered me out of the room and closed the door behind me. I clenched my fist.

Lucky for the school I had Science with Chyler now.

She was the only one who could talk me out of mass murdering everyone here until they used Mr. Prune face as a live burning human sacrifice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Murder is illegal in all fifty states." My six year old brainiac of a sister, Misty, was kind enough to inform me at dinner. She had her head in a book called Quantum Cosmetology and the Laws of Nature: Scientific Perspectives on Divines Action which fully hid her head so it was like some disembodied voice was talking to me instead of a six year old.

At least it was better than feeling like a forty year old mecha genius is talking to me instead of a six year old like I felt the rest of the time.

I, of course, wasn't listening because I so do not take advice from geniuses. No matter if their IQ is 157.998657. Besides, I was too busy trying to figure out what the heck was on my plate to worry about whatever she was saying.

I think it was that sludge someone found under the third toilet in the girl's room.

And I don't think that sludge was edible.

But when I pointed this obvious fact out, Misty just told me to stop being a fatuous ignoramus and just eat. Now, I fully have NO idea what a fatuous.. whatever IS, but I'm pretty sure it was bad, so I glared at her.

"I will when you stop being such a brain." As this task was impossible for her, I obviously had the upper hand. I stuck my tongue out at the little brat and walked over to the garbage to dump the food inside.

Chyler wasn't home. She had some swim practice and would be home until around four o'clock and I had to babysit. And I wasn't even getting paid.

How much did that suck?

If Tori, the head of some major CEO company was still here, I know he'd make me feel better by saying something like, "Guess what? Chicken butt!" or do something like blow up a toilet. That's the kind of guy he is. Nobody said CEO presidents had to be all serious like those Secret Service guys the President carries with him all the time.

My brother's too goofy for that.

If someone tried to assassinate the President, he'd probably miss it because he was too busy shoving hero sandwiches into his suit.

I placed my backpack on the table. There WAS a certain advantage to having a genius for a sister. She did my homework for me. The disadvantage was that she always called me a nitwit later for not being able to figure it out myself. She says this is 'grade school work'. But, come on, she goes to a school where they're learning Quantum Physics instead of Naptime and Sociology instead of the difference between red and pink!

I flipped through the channels, seeing my dad on every one. I really didn't care. They plastered his face all over the television all the time. Not so much recently, but still, you get used to it after awhile. Dad was never home so I had no idea why nine news stations were doing a report on him. And although I frankly didn't care, it was still a little unusual. I finally found a station upon which a Punk'd marathon was happening and the rest of the afternoon was a blur.

* * *

And that's the first chapter. I know nothing much happened, but I just want to alternate between the two so you can get to know them better. The next chapter's in Chyler's POV. Don't forget to tell me what you think! I love you guys.

~ Jet*Star