Slinking through the shadows

In the dead of night
Everything turns deadly calm,
Something is not right.
No crickets chirp, no wolf howls,
Everything gets cold
And I just stand there remembering
The stories I was told.
Something haunts this graveyard,
Something alive, yet dead
I hear the oak trees whisper—
The blood pounding in my head.
I cannot move, I cannot speak
I cannot even see
Suddenly I'm no longer there as
Darkness envelops me.
I float above my body,
I know that I am dead
I feel free, just like a bird
Yet weighted as with lead.
I know I now will haunt this place
Until some day will come
When I will find another soul
Be it rich man, poor, or bum.
Us spirits remain quite unseen
But if you should look through one
You shall not have the time to think
Before your end will come.
For 'tis the fate of the living dead,
The spirits that do rise,
We are replaced, when in time
We are seen with mortal eyes.
Such is the sad, sad fate for me
Because a ghost; I could not see.