For Always, I Am With You

"Dearheart, what troubles you?" Julianna's tone echoed with concern as her soul bonded stood before her, expression panicked. In her thin, elegant hands, Amelia clutched a letter, the sheet shaking from Amelia's apparent fear.
"It is my Father and Mother," Amelia responded, tone holding the fear that clouded her amber eyes. "They are coming ..soon, to visit." Her tone now panicky, she continued, "They do not know of you, dearest Julianna! They do not know of me." She trailed off, then lowered her gaze to the floor, voice dropping to barely a whisper. "They will despise me."
"Oh, Amelia." Julianna sighed, wrapping her arms around the weeping form, drawing her into a close and comforting embrace. Lightly running her fingers through the other's chestnut locks, she responded, "If they truly love you, darling - and you are their only daughter, how could they not - they will accept your decisions and love you all the more. You, dearest, need only remember that I will be with you always, even if your parents /do/ make the decision to leave you."
Amelia pulled back and stared deeply into the eyes of her soul bonded, which she was surprised to see were shimmering with tears. She gently caressed the cheek of the woman holding her. "I love you, my beloved, with every fiber of my very being."
"And I you, melamin." Julianna smiled. "For always, I am with you." She whispered, punctuating her words with a soft kiss placed lovingly on the lips of her beloved.