Title: Lay Me Down Just Right
Author: Heather P.

I leaned back on my knees,
Pulling the coverlet up with me,
Sliding my body over yours,
and loving the feel of your
hands and arms,
So warm . . .
Rubbing and meshing flesh,
Tongues tasting sweet kisses
and even sweeter liquids,
Moans, Screams, and Sighs echoed high,
As our heat came alive in your eyes,
Fingers explored and impaled,
Pushing and feeling
and always yearning for more,
But then as you whimpered,
against the curve of my skin,
I woke up.

I opened my eyes to a brand new day,
Blinking and reaching down,
in-between my legs,
No soreness, nothing bigger than
my fingers has been there before,
I guess I'm a virgin for a while more,
and proudly so.
But who said that all of my dreams had to be just as pure?