Forever and a day

I'm now alone
I've lost, you've won
I can no longer see the sun
You knew how it'd end
I can no longer transcend
Where do I turn, I'm lost again

I'm gonna break
I cannot give or take
I can no longer fake
that I can survive in this world
it's so dark and cold
I don't want to see what the furture holds

What is wrong with me?
Even in the light, I cannot see
I'm not bound in chains, yet I'm not free
I have all the answers, but I still don't know why
I'm full of tears, but I cannot cry
I have my entire life, but I'm gonna die

I'm alone but I'm not
in this confusion, I can't find any thoughts
I'm freezing in the sun thats burning hot
I want to go, but I have to stay
I'm lost in the dark, trying to find my way
I'm gone, but I'll be here forever and a day