Coming Up Next
Why do we look forward?
Why do we look back?
Are the answers really there?
Or are they even intact?
People who dwell in the past,
Seem to live in the past.
As they never try to move forward,
To research why they are here,
And if what they did then,
Made them who they are now.
People who look to the future,
Only work for their future.
They cautiously take their time,
Trying not to mess up,
Like a chemist in a lab.
They want the best later on,
Worrying about who they are now.
Those tired old fools worry too much,
They think about such and such,
A big freaking hullabaloo,
Over something so trivial too.
People should stop worrying,
About what came and what's coming,
And just think, no, know to just come.