Crazy about You
We've been friends for a while,
Even perfect friends I suppose.
We liked each other's company,
We even got very close.
But lately I've been acting strange,
Maybe my personality changed,
Acting crazy and deranged,
Oh wait, that's me all the time.
Actually it's quite different now,
I ignored almost all the time,
I even avoided you in the halls,
I made you think you were slime.
And then I claimed complete silence,
While my heart slowly became grime.
Then I remembered what I said
While lying around on my bed,
"Without you in my life, I'd surely be dead."
That's right.
To combat feelings I had for you
I continued my emotional strain,
My heart was burning to tell you true,
But I was held back by my brain.
But after a while I soon realized,
After my life was analyzed,
And soon my brain was paralyzed,
As my heart finally took over.
There was something I was holding back from you,
Something I wanted to hide.
Then you snapped me back to sanity,
The truth soon came outside.
The truth was I had feelings for you,
Strong enough for men but made for you,
The reason why I was avoiding you,
I thought you wanted a friend, not someone new.
No longer shall I hide, ignore and run.
I'm a man now without fear.
I saw an angel fall from heaven,
And she's standing right here.
But then again, I could be that angel too.
Because I fell for her and hold her precious and dear.