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Dylan's Pov

"But that's country!" I yelled loudly, my eyes going big as my mother cringed. "I don't know if you haven't noticed yet but I'm NOT made for country! I'm a city girl!" I yelled, my voice getting loud but not at that screechy point.

"Dylan, please understand that you need to go there. You may not understand it now but you will when you get older." My mother said in her usual calm and causal voice that ticked me off so much.

"I will NEVER understand why your throwing me out of the house! I'm only 15 years old!" I argued, knowing I made no sense but still willing to make myself look stupid as long as I didn't have to go.

"Young lady, you will go whether you want to or not." My step father said sternly as I rolled my eyes and snickered.

"Whatever, its better then being around Satan himself." I said in a low voice as his eyes went wide. He was a big Christian guy, which I have no problem with, but he was evil as hell itself!

"Apologize now!" He ordered as I rolled my eyes for the second time and got up, hugging my mom.

"I'm going to pack now. Don't piss your pants while I'm away." The second part was directed at my step father as his face turned red from anger. I walked up the stairs and to my room.

I'll explain what's happening. Some friend of the family's, who I haven't seen in eight years, wants me to come visit him on his farm. Oh ya, take a girl from New York City and put them in some little town that I cant really remember the name right now and all hell will break loose.

I yawned and picked up my cell phone, dialing in my best friends number. It rang two times before a drozy female voice came on.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey Calo, I'm going to a farm in the middle of no where for the summer." I said calmly as I heard her literally fall out of bed and jump up.

"WHAT?!" She screamed into the phone. "But what about OUR plans?! You do remember those plans, don't you?!" She asked loudly.

"Apparently my parents don't give a rats ass if we had plans or not and Satan down there is going to make me go whether I want to or not." I said as I heard her let out a frustrated sigh and we started discussing our hate for my step father.

Ethan's Pov

"Go fish." My friend, Wyatt, said. It was another Friday, were my three best friends and me sit around playing stupid games like Go Fish.

"This is really boring…" Emerald said letting out a loud exaterated sigh as we all nodded in agreement. My dad walked in with a smile plastered on his face. Oh no… the smile meant he was up to something and whenever my dad was up to something it was always bad. Very bad.

"What are you planning dad?" I asked as he turned around and tried to wipe the smile off his face but it didn't work to well. "Just tell me while I'm in a good mood." I added.

"You do remember Dylan Castle, right?" He asked. Hmm… Dylan Castle… oh ya that snobby little rich girl that used to visit us once a year when she was little and tell me over and over how poor I was.

"Yes." I said, my hatred as a child for her coming back once again though my dad didn't seem to notice this.

"Well she is coming to visit!" He said happily as my eyes went wide and I stood up.

"NO! Dad, please reconsider! She's a spoiled brat!" I argued as his smile disappeared and was replaced with a deep frown.

"Ethan, I already invited her and she's coming. You'll just have to deal with it because your going to be sharing a room with her and I want no arguments from you." With that he walked out and I was left there with my three friends looking completely confused.

I sat down with a loud sigh as I began to tell them the whole story.


I was at the air port with my friends waiting for little miss brat to waltz in a fur coat and sun glasses complaining how her first class plane ride was just so dreadful. Just thinking about it made my blood boil and how much I wished she wasn't a girl so I could just punch her.

"How much longer do we have to wait?" Emerald asked as she leaned on Adarc, her boyfriend. He just smiled and put an arm around her. Wyatt and I exchanged looks of how much their public desplay of affection bothered us but neither said anything about it. They were in love and we knew that but did they have to flaunt it and make us feel so bad about never being able to keep a girlfriend?

"Hey, what's this Dylan girl look like anyways?" Wyatt asked with an upraised eye brow as I laughed. I knew he was thinking he could have a little fun with her.

"Wyatt, she's too far out of your league." I said as he sighed loudly. I looked around for her but remembered once again all I had was a picture of a seven year old girl in my head.

So when I saw a 15 year old girl walk in, I wasn't expecting it.

Dylan's Pov

I was so tired. I had to get up at 6 in the morning and didn't get any sleep because of some guy that talked non stop to me on the way here.

I yawned loudly as I looked around and found the pop machine. I thanked all the gods I knew for inventing a person to invent pop. I refused to drink coffee, it was so disgusting… well unless it was frozen.

I grabbed my Mountain Dew and took a long drink. I looked around a bit as my eyes met with big brown ones. I tilted my head to the side and knew instantly, just from his eyes, that was Ethan.

I walked over to him with a small smile and felt butterfly's in my stomach. I was really shy around new people if Calo was here then I wouldn't be but I am…

"Ethan?" I asked unsure if it was really him but who could forget big bright sky blue eyes like his? Well I couldn't…

"Yep, Dylan I'm guessing." He said as I looked at the three people standing next to him. I could tell the girl and one of the guys were together just by how they held each other. I would give anything for a guy to love me like he loves her… wait, hold it Dylan! You have a boyfriend and you love him and he loves you… I cant believe I almost forgot. The other guy was looking me up and down which made me really nervous.

"You guessed right…" I said as my nervousness turned into anger as the guy didn't stop looking. "Stop staring!" I snapped at him as his eyes met with mine in pure delight. I didn't even want to know what he was thinking. This proves it, guys are preverts EVERYWHERE.

"Well I'll help with your luggage." Ethan said leading me away from his friends as they began to whisper about me.

"They don't seem to like me very much… except that guy who seemed to like me a little too much." I said looking up at Ethan as he glanced down at me then straight ahead. Ok so he was being quiet… well I could change that… I think. "You've changed a lot." I said as he stopped at the baggage claimage and raised an eye brow.

"How's that?" He asked as I watched for my baggage but then look back up at him.

"Well for one thing, you're a lot taller now." I said as I put my hand up and had to stand up on my tippy toes to reach his head. "Your not as scrawny." I said motioning to his built as he looked down and blinked at me in confusion as I laughed.

"What's so funny?" He asked, his brown eyes narrowing.

"The look on your face was just too cute!" I said laughing a bit more as he looked confused again as I laughed more. "Sorry…" I said after my laughter died down and he just smiled.

"Well you've changed too." He said as I looked at myself then back up at him.

"Well obviously Ethan, I mean girls do change in certain ways." I said, glaring at him.

"What? NO! Not like that!" He said as I crossed my arms over my chest waiting for him to explain. "Well I just remember this bratty little kid who used to remind me how rich she was and how poor I was compared to her." He said as he watched the baggage go around. I frowned and touched his arm a huge smile crossing over my face as he looked a bit confused.

"I mean how couldn't I? Look at that shirt! Its hidous!" I said jokingly as he bust out laughing then turned serious which made me laugh.

"This is my dad's shirt." He said very serious as I laughed harder. I was laughing so hard I had to put my hands on him to keep myself up but I slid down and held my stomach. He kneeled down next to me as my laughter subsided and I wipped the tears from my eyes.

"No seriously, that shirt is ugly." I said as he chuckled and pushed me lightly but I guess he didn't know his own strenght because I fell backwards. "Ow! Ethan you big gorilla!" I said as we both laughed and he helped me up.

"So where's your luggage? I mean, I havent seen any lepord prints or anything." He said, grinning as I put my hands on my hips defendently then grinned, deciding to play along.

"Leapord prints are just so five minutes ago, gee Ethan you need to keep up with the times." I said in a pretend snotty voice as he busted out laughing. I saw my baggage and grabbed it.

"Oh, so its black I see." He said, probably having no clue what he's talking about as I shoved two large suit cases in his arms.

"Black goes with everything… is that all your going to carry?" I asked while he laughed and picked up another one as I grinned. "Thanks."

"No problem." He said as we walked back to his friends. "What did you pack anyways?! These things weigh about five hundred pounds." He complained as I laughed and held my back pack and another of the large suit cases.

"Calo packed it all, don't ask me… I don't even want to know what is in there." I said as he laughed and we all walked out to a truck. He put the suit cases in the back and I had to sit between him and his friend, who was introduced as Wyatt. Wyatt made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Though on the other hand, Ethan made me feel extremely safe so I guess it equaled out. As long as I'm NEVER let alone with Wyatt I'm fine.

I turned to Emerald and Adarc who were whispering to each other. They really did make a cute couple.

"So how long have you been going out?" I asked as Emerald looked at me with a small smile. It was obvious that she didn't consider me as a friend yet but she didn't totally hate me.

"A year… wait, how'd you know we were going out?" She asked and I laughed.

"Its kind of obvious, the way you two look all lovey dovey at each other and how you seem to be in your own little world." I said as Ethan laughed.

"So you noticed that too?" He asked as I felt a hand on my knee. I jumped slightly and look at the hand then at Wyatt who was acting innocent. I moved over a bit as his hand slipped off.

Ethan looked down at me then back at the rode. Since I had moved over I was really close to Ethan but I didn't care as long as I was far away from Wyatt I was fine.

"F 150, right?" I asked as Ethan looked a bit surprised. "I knew a wee bit about cars." I said with a small smile as he laughed. "Anyways trucks are my favorite kind of cars." I added. I yawned and began to nod off. My head hit some thing soft as I fell into a deep sleep.

"Hey… Dylan… wake up…" I soft male voice said as I groaned and burred my head into what ever the softness was. I could hear something. thump… thump…thump… "Come on… you can sleep on a bed…" He whispered into my ear and I finally placed the voice as Ethan's. I opened my eyes drozily and looked up into his sky blue ones. I found out that I had fallen asleep on his chest as I sat up straight knowing I was blushing.

"This it?" I asked after a couple minutes of silence looking up at quant looking house as a smile tugged at my lips.

"Yep." He said getting out of the truck as I followed him. I took in a deep breath of the country air and noticed how different it was from the cities air. "Not polluted with chemicals, just fertilizer." Ethan said as if he was reading my mind and I laughed.

We got my luggage and carried it into the house and up the stairs to Ethan's room. I could of sworn my mother said something about-

"ETHAN!" Two little kids jumped into the room as I looked at them. One was a girl and the other a boy, both adorable. The girl looked at me and giggled lightly.

"Your Purdy." She said, hidding behind her twin brother slightly as I smiled gently.

"So are you." I said as she giggled again. The boy just crossed his arms over his chest and puffed out slightly. "And you must be the minature man of the house." He grinned at this, showing that he had no two front teeth.

"Yep!" He said. Aw, how adorable. "Dad went into town till tonight." He sounded a lot more southern then Ethan but then again Ethan wasn't born here so he would sound less southern. But of course living here the whole time Ethan did pick up a little southern accent which was very cute.

"Ok. Faith, Felix this is Dylan. Dylan this is Faith and Felix." Ethan introduced. "You two better finish your chores before dad comes home." He added as the two little ones ran off.

"They are adorable!" I said after they ran off as Ethan laughed and shook his head.

"Let me guess, you want two just like 'em?" He asked raising an eye brow as I nodded. "So I'm guessin' that you have someone at home?"

"Yeah I do! His name is Cetillus." I said as Ethan nodded slightly and looked away. The strange thing was… I could of sworn I saw disappointment in his eyes. "What you looking for?" I asked while sitting down on his bed which I partically sank into.

"Dad said he'd bring up the spare bed into my bed room but I don't see it." He said looking around then back at me as I frowned. "Come on, I guess we'll have to bring it up." He said as I got off the comfortable bed and followed him down stairs. Then to the basement.

I heard something squeak so I instantly moved closer to Ethan and grabbed a hold of the back of his shirt. He glanced behind him at me with a small smile.

"Afraid of some small mice?" He asked as I shook my head.

"Of course not! I have mice as pets back home… it's the bugs I'm worried about." I said moving closer to him as he laughed. He flicked on a light as I cringed at all the cob webs afraid of what was really living down here.

"There's your bed…" Ethan said motioning to what looked like a pile of mold. My eyes widened in horror as he looked at me and sighed. "Fine, you can sleep on my bed. I wouldn't even sleep in that thing." He said turning me around and putting his hands on my shoulders to direct me upstairs.

I tripped and almost fell foreword if it wasn't for him pulling me back against him I would have. I laughed nervously and looked up at him from the odd angle I was at.

"What'd you trip over?" He asked, hosting me up on my feet as I turned to him and looked down at my feet then back at him. "You tripped over your own feet?" He asked skeptically as I nodded and he busted out laughing.

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him. So I was a klutz? He didn't have to laugh at me because of it! What a jerk… I stormed upstairs and to his room were I plopped down on his bed again. Oh was it comfy…

"You know this is MY room so you cant kick me out." He said with a grin as I looked at him from my sitting position on his bed. "Why do you look like your in the comfiest place?" He asked as he closed the door.

"Because your bed is!" I said as I laid down and buried my head into the pillows instantly smelling Ethan. No not actually smelling him but the smell of him was on the pillows. It wasn't a bad smell… no it was quite good. Like the mix of oranges and guy…

"Are you smelling my pillows?" He asked, a hint of laughter in his voice as I nodded into the pillows.

"They smell good…" I mumbled into them, already feeling myself drifting off to sleep. I felt weight on the bed as I moved over slightly and patted the empty space next to me.

"You sure?" He asked and I nodded into the pillows once more. I knew he had laid down and could feel his body heat next to mine… it was so nice… If only I could- hold up! You have a boyfriend, what part of that don't you get?!

Though I really cant help what I do in my sleep…


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