La Poésie,



Poetry is a great thing with much power, even though a great many people tend to deny the fact. To be honest, I used to be one of those ignorant people who would shove poetry off to the side as being nothing more than a mere escape for those starving to be a part of the literary world but who couldn't write actual prose. But I've come around to see the truth, and am very thankful for that.

A while ago, I posted a plethora of the poems I had written during the summer under the alias of The Shady Crew, the online writing group I'm a part of, though I soon removed them and hid them in seclusion. However, I just recently created this penname of my own for the writings I do that I wish to keep separate from those of The Shady Crew, and I've decided that these poems fit into that category. So, I'm going to be posting those old poems along with some new ones I've written since.

The way I'll post my poems is as follows: I'll post one poem each week as its own chapter, and have the next chapter be a commentary of sorts on it as its own chapter as well, which will be posted anywhere from one to three days after the actual poem is posted. This way, anyone reading my poems will be able to interpret them however they wish and will then be able to read my own personal interpretation of them. I believe this is something that will be seen as a unique move and that will hopefully be accepted and enjoyed.

So now I'll finish with this introduction and post the first of my poems, and with that, I will also say that I hope anyone reading this will enjoy what I have written and take it all for what it is -- poetry. Thank you and enjoy.