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Chapter Two

Adele groaned and rolled over in her sleep, pulling all the blankets off of Bo. Bo yanked them back in return, causing Adele to roll over to Bo's side of the bed and start drooling on her pillow.
"DELI." Bo growled. "I swear to god sleeping in the same bed as you is like an art."
Adele, still sleeping, clicked her tongue and rolled back over, leaving the entire comforter to Bo, who gladly wrapped herself in it before Adele had the chance to steal it back.
Bo snuggled into the warmth of the blanket and looked at the clock on the night stand. It read 3:56.
"Great." She muttered to herself. "Another sleepless night for my record... I have work tomorrow and everything."
Groaning, Bo swung her legs out of bed and slowly trekked across the dark room to the door.
"Where're you going?" Adele asked sleepily, regaining consciousness and reclaiming her blanket.
"Im going for a glass of water... you want one?"
"Naw..." Adele muttered, wrapping herself up.
"Kay, I'll be back in later then, I'll probably just hang out and watch TV."
"MM hm... you do that." Adele responded, already half asleep again.
"Hey mum." Bo muttered, seeing that her mother was still awake and going through old papers at the kitchen table.
"Hey..." She replied. "What are you still doing up?"
"Insomnia strikes." Bo muttered, filling up a "50th Anniversary of 'The Wizard of Oz'" Cup with ice.
"Hm... sucks." Her mother said simply.
"Yeah." Bo nodded as she turned on the tap.
"Are you drinking tap water again?" Her mother asked her as she turned a sheet of paper over.
"Yeah, so?" Bo asked, sitting down and pulling her red hair back into a ponytail. "The other stuff's gross... has no flavor at all."
"Oh so you like the flavor of dirt and rotting sediment instead? Suit yourself."
"Oh c'mon it doesn't taste like dirt and it definitely doesn't taste like rotting sediment."
"How would you know?" Her mother asked her. "Have you ever eaten rotting sediment?"
"Well... no, actually... hm..." Bo nodded to herself. "I havened. But i still like some adventure in my life, and for the moment, im getting that out of drinking Arizona's sink water. Its good enough for me... dangerous... but not to the point where its perilous."
"You go and do whatever." Her mother said, shaking her head.
"Sounds good. Im going to bed... but im stealing you bed because Dell keeps taking all the blankets and she drools."
"Alright, goodnight."

Bo followed the same routine every night. She hadn't been able to sleep for weeks after she quit, and she explained it to her friends as being similar to quitting smoking, though she didn't know what it was like; she had never smoked.
One night, which had drawn itself out like the rest, Bo walked slowly into the living room and looked at the TV. Music Videos.
She stood in silence, watching them play... until one came on with the image of a girl. A girl with scars on her arm.
She began to shake violently... her whole body was spilling over with an urge for pain.
Enough was enough; Bo glided into the kitchen and ripped a steak knife out of the wooden rack. She could see herself clearly in the metal. Her tired eyes were begging to see blood.
Bo closed them, gasping for air. She wanted to make it all go away... but she wanted to do it again so much more.
Closing her hand tightly around the blade, Bo began to shake even more. It was like being tortured. What she wanted most, was what she was most afraid of.
Moaning, she pulled the knife away from herself by the handle, and in doing so she gasped in pain.
Opening her hand, she saw a tiny slice, much like a paper cut, on the palm of her hand below her pinky. She began to hyperventilate.
"It was unintentional." She told herself, closing her eyes and shaking her head. "Just and accident."
Tears streaming down her face, Bo threw the knife to the floor and ran back to her room, shutting and locking the door behind her.
*This is crazy* She thought looking at her hand, which had begun to itch. *It feels so... good...*
Opening her eyes again, Bo slowly opened the door, returned to the knife and brought it back with her to her room.
"Just once or twice." She whispered to the knife, grinning. "Just maybe three times..."
Bo sat down on the bed and rolled up the left leg of her pajamas. She held the knife like a pencil and began to etch into the flesh of her knee, drawing a long line. She grinned in pleasure as blood trickled down her leg. It was like being reborn.
Having enough, Bo pulled the knife away and looked at her arm.
*I wonder...* she thought *what it feels like...*
Bo set the blade on her arm and slowly dragged it across, leaving a little white line. She did this three more times, just to feel the gentle stinging it left.
Sighing at the marks on her knee, she jammed the knife under her bed and made her way across the hall to the bathroom, where she drew a bath and quickly stepped in.
She felt no guilt, whatsoever.
Bo lowered her arms into the water but gasped as her left forearm was submerged. Pulling it back up. She gazed curiously at the marks, which were now welts.
It had barely hurt at all when she had done it... a little deeper wouldn't hurt any more.
"This is beautiful." She sighed, sinking deeper into the bubbles. "It's a whole new world... tomorrow night, i cut for real... no knee artwork... hardcore cutting."
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