Nocturnal Tradition

I don't cower when dark comes through light

I feel most protected surrounded by night

When shadows surround me, rites can begin

I may call on the deities of night from within

I am careful to heed the rule of three

And not bring bane karma back to me

I can laugh through the shades of gray

I work better by night than day

How can the shadows be evil and wrong?

When blessed by the night, I am content and strong

I never knew what the Nocturnal rites could be

Or that they would ever have an effect on me

I was and am a curious, Gothic Wiccan

Searching for the right tradition

As I searched through all types of insight

I might have found something that was right

The tradition was the Nocturnal one

And my studying had begun

The practices amaze my mind

Of rites and magick of every kind

Without a trace of evil anywhere

I love the night, but strive to be fair

The tradition is moral as the next

With alluring words all through its text

Of the nocturnal soul type of good-dark

And a new path I could embark

There's nothing to fear of the absence of light

And nothing amoral about the night

Whether or not the path is for me

I'll continue to study, in case it may be

Sometimes I can just as well work by day

There are Gods of both times to which I can pray

Who ever said that shadows would smite

When with the deities, I'll be all right

I'd never do anything to harm anyone

This will is done, 'an it harms none

I can choose my own path, as I will it to me

Blessed be!