We Finally See

By Goth-girl1

Open your eyes

Past the judgmental lies

We've all made it here

With our Gods forever near

Call it Heaven or the Summerland

Now we stand, hand in hand

We spent our lives in an endless fight

And somehow, we all turned out right

When will the living see

What Gods truly want us to be?

We've all found our Gods in different ways

We disagreed, and argued for days

Yet, they're all here and accept one another

And we must do the same for each other

Even if we see different faces of Spirit

Every moral God is legit

If we still had eyes, we'd mourn

For the world of hatred and scorn

If only we could show the living, the True Way

Is that it matters not to what God you pray

What's important is that you love

And leave the intolerance you have come above

We see each other now, in this ethereal realm

The site of you can quite overwhelm

No one was cursed, or condemned for belief

We can now accept this perfect relief

No matter what name we gave Spirit on Earth

We've all been lead to our religious mirth

The same Spirit answered to all of God's names

Now we have ceased to spread around blames

If only we knew how right we all were

And that it was perfectly fine to differ

Here in this land, we are at true peace

All dislike and fear may finally cease

We died thinking that only we were right

Somehow, miraculously, we all found the light

You may not believe what I say is true

But it's not my right to change you

I'll merely accept you, whoever you may be

It doesn't matter if you are like me