"Your Wish Is My Command"
I'd like to say,
Something to you,
That I'm sure you've heard before.

I love your name,
And the way that you took off,
That ruby red dress that you wore.

You're always so elegant,
In those things that you call,
Every day life.

It's too bad you had,
To end it all,
You cut my ribbon with a knife.

Welcome to the end of,
Teenage angst and pity and hate,
And all those soups we think of,
With those ingredients we make.

No matter how hard I try,
You leave a taste in my mouth,
And I'm not sure if I hate it,
Or love it or both.

All I know is,
I wish I was inside your head,
Or making your heart beat so slow,
That you'd think you were dead.

But then I realize,
That you looked at me that night,
In the eyes,
And said,
Oh, so clearly...
That you didn't love me.

So I left with my things,
And those other belongings,
That once reminded me,
Of wonderful stories,
Of you...
And me...
But if it's best for me to leave...

Your wish,
Is my...