The King Successor

By Kenishiro


{My friend told me this silly story and I hope that you'll like it. Mind you that my grammar is really bad. ;P}

Long time ago in a kingdom far, far away there lives a king named King Koong. He was the greatest ruler ever for the kingdom of Cokannut. He was worried that by the aged of 67, neither of his sons was fit to be king. So the king turn to his ministers,generals and noblemen and yet none bears the suitable qualities that a decent king would have. Some of them were greedy, some were ruthless, some were too straight, and some were dumb and worst of all that most of them don't know a thing about how to take care of the kingdom.

So in the end, King Koong turn to what have been the test that his ancestors have done to look for a great king. He sent his messenger through out his vast kingdom, calling to his people that everbody could try out the test in order to see whether that they can qualify to be the next king. So low and behold, on one sunny and fine day King Koong led his sons, ministers, generals, noblemen and his people to a river. The people shiver in fright to know that the river was infested with crocodiles.

King Koong said that who ever dare to swim across the river to meet him at the other end, King Koong would make him the next king. King Koong then went to the other side of the river on a bridge, and then called out to who ever want to be the first one to try. No one tried to jump into the river, even King Koong bravest warrior were shaking in his knees seeing the crocodiles waiting for a meal in the crystal clear water. So they waited and waited and waited, no one dares.

They stayed there until suddenly a big sound of splash from the river; King Koong dropped from his horse when he heard that. He waited eagerly to see whom it was that dared try his luck to swim across the river. From what he saw was unbelievable; the person swims with great speed and power that the splashes of water were enough to scare the crocodiles. When the person finally got to the other side, King Koong was most surprised to see that the person was no more than an old man in his late 70's. He was shivering so hard from the coldness of the river that all the bones in his were shaking vigorously.

King Koong was dumb founded, and he asked to the old man " Dear sir, it seems that you are the only one who dares to swim across this river, but surely I can't make you king as you might die earlier than me. But then again a promise is a promise. You shall be my successor, and what do you want to add to that?

Finally the old man speaks, "Forgive me Sire, I don't want your throne". Again King Koong puzzled, "You do not wish to be a king, my brave sir. You have swam across this crocs infested river, you have the courage to try and I promised that anyone can be king". But again the old man insisted that he has no desire to be king. Even how hard King Koong persuaded him, the old man was not going to change his mind. King Koong finally agrees with the old man decision and said, "Sure dear sir you are a brave man, and I must award you with something, just tell me your wish and I shall fulfil it for you".

The old man speaks with great anger in his voice, "Sire, I do not need any wealth, richness or women. Please sire with your power, find out who it was that pushed me into the river in the first place!!"

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