Discover Me

Michaela stared across the park; that girl was there again. Every Saturday Michaela came to the park; she would always get a plate of chips from the little café type thing, then would walk in through the wood, or go into town and go shopping. But the thing she always looked forward to most was the bit in the café, because every Saturday at the same time, at the next table from her, would be two people, a boy and a girl. They looked like brother and sister, both with olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes.

Michaela sat at the next table, glancing at them every so often. At first, she had thought she fancied the boy, she could see he was very attractive, but then her eyes slipped away from him to his sister. Michaela settled on the explanation that this girl looked like such a nice person that she wanted her for a friend. She was trying to decide a way to approach her, when -

'Michaela! Halloo!' It was Josie, Michaela best friend from junior school.

'Hey Jose!' called back Michaela 'How come you're here?'

'Oh, I was just walking past. I saw you here and I thought I'd come and say hi,' said Josie 'What's up?

Michaela pointed discreetly at the next table.

'Ooh! I see,' giggled Josie 'I'm afraid you're probably going to have competition from Laura.' Laura was the girls' newest friend, who had only recently joined the school that Josie, Michaela and their other friend Imogen went to.

Laura had already got a bit of a reputation when it came to boys, not in that way, but she could usually get any boy she wanted, she was tall, blonde, with a great figure that almost every other girl envied. Josie was very pretty, she had brown hair, tied in braids, dark hazel eyes and black skin, but standing next to Laura, you could see who the boys would automatically go for. Josie was the only one out of the five who was still thirteen. Imogen was curvy, with mousy brown hair and startling green eyes, she was a very bubbly, happy person, which was great when you were having a party or hanging around, but could be very annoying when you weren't in a good mood. She had had a few dates, more than Michaela or Josie, but nothing serious. Michaela had dark, almost black hair, but very fair skin, which all the bitchy girls said made her look like a ghost and it didn't help that she preferred to dress all in black. She had been out with a few boys, but again, nothing serious.

'Hmm,' said Michaela, she didn't really feel like explaining she wasn't interested in the boy 'Got to go put this in the bin, do you want a coke or something?'

'Yeah, thanks'

As Michaela was ordering Josie's coke, she heard a voice behind her. 'Hi' she turned around, and saw the girl from the next table 'I'm Rosie'

'Oh, I'm Michaela'

'I think your friend likes my brother.' Rosie said.

'What?' Michaela turned around and saw Josie flirting with Rosie's brother 'oh, Josie's probably just trying to get there before our other friend Laura does,' she laughed

'Well, good luck to her, but I think she should be warned about Mike's ex- girlfriend' sighed Rosie.

'How come?' Michaela asked.

'Mike has got a total nutter for an ex-girlfriend, she is still obsessed with him, she won't let him go.' Rosie said.

'Oh one of those. He's seems quite enthusiastic though,' remarked Michaela, it was certainly true, Mike was talking nineteen to the dozen, and Josie now looked quite bored.

'Probably plugging his band, Lucid Nightmare, Mike plays bass guitar,' Rosie said.

'Oh, are they any good?' asked Michaela.

'Nah, they're rubbish!' Rosie laughed.

'Do you get on well with your brother.' Michaela asked.

'Yes, I think I'm quite lucky in that respect.' Rosie replied 'Do you have any brothers or sisters?'

'Yeah, one brother called Derrick, he's six, and no we don't get on well!'

They walked back to their tables and Michaela gave Josie her coke. Rosie turned her chair around so she was facing Michaela.

'Are you two going to be going to Band Night at the theatre next week?' she asked.

'Michaela and Imogen will, but it's not really my thing' replied Josie.

'Lucid Nightmare are playing you know,' said Mike, this was the first time Michaela had heard him talk properly and she was quite surprise to hear that, although he was fifteen or sixteen, he still had a very high voice.

'I guessed as much,' said Josie grumpily.

'You know I can probably get free tickets for you and your friends,' said Mike slowly. Josie looked a lot more enthusiastic at this.

'Really, how many?' she said, very excited.

'Err, Mike, Abigail?' said Rosie quietly.

'Oh, Abigail, what about her? She'll get over me' Mike said dismissively.

'I wouldn't be so sure,' said Rosie.

'Well I am,' Mike said quickly, 'Anyway,' he turned to Josie 'How many tickets would you like?' Josie started talking very excitedly to Mike. Rosie turned to Michaela.

'Will you be going?'

'Probably,' replied Michaela 'Depends whether they'll be any fit boys there,' she laughed. For a second she thought she saw a look of disappointment in Rosie's eyes, but it was gone as soon as it had appeared, and Michaela was sure she had imagined it.

'So, I take you don't have a boyfriend then,' said Rosie 'No,' replied Michaela 'I just broke up with my last boyfriend, Jamie.' Michaela looked across at Mike and Josie; they were now exchanging phone numbers.

'Hey,' said Rosie 'Do you have a mobile?'

'Yeah,' replied Michaela 'Do you want my number?'

'Yeah, that would be cool, you can get mine off Josie!' laughed Rosie, 'neither of us has a mobile. Anyway, you could introduce me to these other friends of yours, Imogen and Laura wasn't it?'

'Yes, I'm sure you'll like them.' Michaela was amazed, although she'd only just met Rosie, she felt like she's known her for years, Rosie just one of those people it was impossible to hate. 'So, do you have a boyfriend?' Michaela asked.

To Michaela's surprise, Rosie now looked uncomfortable; she glanced over at Mike and mumbled 'No,'

Josie broke the awkward silence - 'Anyway, we've got to go now, haven't we Michaela?'

'What? Oh, yeah,' Michaela was actually pleased to get away, it seemed she had hit a sensitive point where Rosie was concerned.

They said goodbye and walked back towards the town.

'I can't believe it!' cried Josie after they had got out of earshot of Rosie and Mike 'Look at this!' she showed Michaela Mike's phone number as if it was a precious gem.

'Doesn't it bother you he has that nutter ex-girlfriend?' said Michaela slowly.

'Not really, she'll just have to get over him like he said' Josie replied dismissively.

'Look, Jose, you've got to be careful,' said Michaela carefully, 'I mean, how old is he?'

'Sixteen, and he goes to that posh grammar school with his sister.' 'Then you've got to be extra careful, you know the reputation the grammar school boys have got.' This was quite true, Michaela knew of three girls in her school who had unwillingly gone too far with some older grammar school boys. Josie waved aside this information and started talking excitedly about her birthday, which was a month away, and planning her party.