My White Land
I used to think the world,
Was pure and free,
And you were left to be,
What you wanted to be,
But I now know better,
I've seen the pain,
I've seen what you can go through,
Day by passing day,
My world was once pure,
Like an Elvish land,
In white I was once cloaked,
And always lent a hand,
The clouds were once white,
The sun once gold,
The moon was silver,
And under stories were told,
The cloak would swish around my feet,
Bare as the wind,
I would look up at the sun,
And feel the purity within,
But all has changed,
Evil is what I see,
It corrupts my thoughts,
And my deepest of dreams,
Trust I no longer have,
My Elvish land is gone,
I am stripped bare from white,
And am now re-born,
Now cloaked in black,
I walk the empty lands,
Sad and unforgiven,
No one lends a hand,
The evil surrounds,
The deepest of hearts,
Changing good to bad,
And ripping me apart,
Pure was once the thoughts,
That ran through my head,
I want to feel love,
Not loneliness instead.