Killed By Will

I wish to be left alone,
To do what I want to do,
Don't talk to me,
For I shall not listen,
I beg for forgiveness,
Not of your type,
For evil I have done,
I have changed your ways,
I shall harm no one,
Of my type,
Those who think the same,
Are not meant to be,
I have harmed you,
To deep to see,
That I did not wish,
But I am not sorry,
I see what only I see,
And that is not pain,
But I feel what you feel,
I don't want to live,
Through pain I have been put,
Although it's not mine,
I shall cry at your will,
But never for me,
Thank you for trust,
That you pay no heed,
Thank you for love,
But I shall ask of no return.