Passion's Edge

Envision if you will,
A situation that has been embraced,
Not once, not twice, not even thrice,
By the same two persons
Living on the edge
Of denial, passion and love.

Love? No, not love.
Just a few isolated strands of
Memories put together like garbage
In a trash can.
An unknown amount of DNA
Shared almost grudgingly
Albeit unwillingly between the
Throes of endangerment of
Virginity. Lost in the mind
Far off in someplace else.
Some place other than here.

Still in denial, still in shock,
Are we one person, split into two bodies?
Bonding in a traditional way,
No speech,
No understanding.

Written: 14.09.03

A/N: Written on my first sister's birthday. She's 11. About the piece, it made a lot more sense when I first wrote it.It seems to be the case nowadays. I getmy ending, and little bits here and there. I feel like I'm reading someone else's poetry. Please, give me your interpretations.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -