Author's Note: Hey! New story. Okay this one is about a girl anemd Gella who is sixteen and has just had a baby. It's about her struggles through her life now and how she copes on her own. Please review so I know you've read. Thanks for reading.

Chapter 1: Remembrance

Scattered Moons
Across my starry sky
Not long now
Until I die
Gella's hand paused on the light green page of her diary. Her face crumpled up in confusion as she read her poem over again. She sighed and ran a hand through her straight, blue hair which reached down to her chin. She began an entry of her day on a new page.

Day's been pretty hectic. Firstly I skipped school, had to look after Mila of course. I don't know where my parents are but they didn't phone to see if I'm okay. They're dissapointed in me. Which is pretty selfish really because I might have let them down, by their standards, but I'm the one how needs support right now.

Gella lifted her pen and dropped her head onto her pillow, closing the diary. She groaned and lay there for a long time just thinking. She wanted to phone Terrick, and wanted more to see her mobile ring with him calling her. She understood he was scared and he was distant but didn't he want to help her? This wasn't just something that you could toss aside and forget about. This affected them both for the rest of their lives whether they liked it or not.

It was only a short while before Gella drifted into the world of half conciousness and endless thoughts. She remembered when she'd broken the news to her parents.

I trudged in the back door wishing I could avoid my parents but they were standing oddly in the hall having a discussion about their diet, and the gym.

"Hey mum." I managed hoarsely. She waved a dismissive hand, a warning not to interrupt her. I inhaled deeply knowing that when I released my next words I would regret it. "Mum, Dad. Can we talk please? It's really important." They both glared at me but followed me to the living room and sat down on the sofa opposite me. I also sat, but upon a stiff, uncomfortable chair, which was much like the way I was feeling.

"I know you wont like to hear this but I don't want to mess about. I'm just going to tell you what is going on." I closed my eyes and begged for it not to be real. "I'm pregnant."

The shock upon their faces curled into anger and before I knew what was going on it had turned into a full-blown arguement. "You silly bitch!" My father shrieked. "You complete slut."

"Dad please!" He shook his head, daring me to speak. I was choking on my words. "It's Terrick's. I love him it wouldn't be with anyone else."

"You're fifteen! You shouldn't be having sex at your age!" My mother shrieked dramatically.

"Mum, I'm Sixteen."

"You're still far too young."

"Mum you don't understand." I pleaded

"No I don't. Why would you want to ruin your chances of a good career? You've got brilliant exam marks, you could have made something of yourself." She wasn't angry, just utterly disappointed.

"I didn't even know what I wanted to do anyway."

"You'll have to leave school..." Mum started getting all panicky.

"Oh no she won't. She's having an abortion." My father's stern tone wanted to decide for me.

"No. I'm keeping this baby. I don't care what you say." I was stubborn. I wouldn't murder my own child, no matter how young and unprepared I was.

"You can't just have the baby." My mum began to back up my dad.

"I'm willing to give it all up for my child. I'll give up my life, my career, my time, everything. If I had an abortion I don't really see what the point of living would be afterwards anyway."

My mother smiled at this but clearly didn't forgive me. "You could have a decent job."

"I don't want a job, I don't care." I stood defensively against my parents who just couldn't see my view on the situation.

"Then you are no longer my daughter." My father's tone was icy and heartless. How could he say that?

They left to go for a drive and I wasn't waiting around for them to come home. I went to find Terrick but couldn't track him down. When I returned later that October evening my parents never said a word to me. They looked right through me, as if I wasn't even there.

Gella was startled by the sound of her daughter crying. She lifted her head and opened her eyes. Sighing she got up gradually and headed towards the cradle.

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