Author's note: Thanks for the review! Julz - Yeah I know you like things to be all stretched out and quite often I do aswell but this story tells you that she has the kid and then a lot of before stuff will be expressed through flashbacks. Also there's a lot that is going to happen, but it will take a while to happen. :)

This is the second part of Scattered Moons. In this one you find out a little about Terrick and realise his life isn't all that easy either. More depth on the subject will come later on. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: Worry

Gella's arms felt weak as she lifted her child from her cradle. She muttered softly in Mila's ear and laid her tiny body over her shoulder. Mila was only a few days old, born on the 4th of October. Gella had been so busy looking after her that she wasn't sure if the current date was the 6th or 7th.

After placing the weeping child down on the table gently Gella ran a hand through her hair and released a sigh, showing her stress. She hadn't been able to afford a proper changing table so had made do with an old bedside one which had a few towels laid over the top. The dim light flickered above them and Gella rubbed her heavy, tired eyes.

After Mila had a clean nappy on she had quietened to a dopey conciousness. Gella smiled at the sight of her tiny features, pale lips the colour of faded pink petals and a tiny nose above them. Then there were her eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes Gella could ever imagine. Large orbs of green took in the surroundings. The emerald shade of the irises were filled with explosions of bright green and ocean blue. Long, dark eyelashes stood above them like soldiers standing to attention.

Mila gurgled while her mother played with her tiny, fragile feet. She'd never seen anything as beautiful as her own daughter and saw truly what love could produce. She was awakened from her thoughts by the dull ringing of the phone. She leapt towards it incase it upset her child.

"Hello?" Gella's voice cracked with tiredness and she cleared her throat to speak again, "Who is this?"

"Hey Gella.'s me - Terrick." Gella licked her dry lips as her heart pounded furiously in her chest.

"Where have you been?"

"I got scared. I'm so sorry Gel...I really am." Terrick's voice was hesitant and uneven.

"Are you alright? You sound...shaken up." Gella realised that this was unlike Terrick's usual gentle, smooth tone.

"Yeah, yeah." He said quickly. She knew he was hiding something. "Um...How are you? Everything okay with Mila?"

"Yeah she's fine. I'm...exhausted." She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing she was able to sleep and not have to worry about Mila every moment.

"I miss you." The words came from the silence of an awkward pause and Gella felt warm at hearing them.

"I miss you too Tez. I can't do this on my own you know. You have a responsibility too." She allowed a slight tone of anger to creep into her voice.

"I know. I want to be with you, to help you. I want to be near my daughter. I really want to look after her...and I want to hold you and kiss you..." Gella felt her heart do a backflip.

"Then why aren't you here helping? If you could just hold me I'd feel so much better." They hadn't seen each other since in the hospital when Mila was born. When Gella had fallen asleep she'd awoken to find him gone and a note saying he would get in touch.

"I want to. I want to hug you and touch you and kiss every part of your body."

"Even my armpits?" Gella found humor within herself and Terrick's quiet, familiar laughter could be heard.

"Well maybe not. Seriously though Gel, you know what you mean to me." Gella bit her lip.

"Yes. That's why I can't understand why you aren't here...where are you anyway?"

"I want to be there..." Gella sensed the fear in his voice.

"Terrick where are you?"

"It's complicated. I can't explain right now. I'll be with you as soon as I can but right now..."

"Did your dad find you?" Thoughts raced through Gella's head, there was no answer. "Terrick?"

"Yes...but it's hard to talk about. I don't have long. I really can't talk about it now."

"Did he hurt you?" Gella knew he didn't want to talk about it but she could feel tears prickling within her eyes as she thought of Terrick being hurt.

"I can't get into this justnow.."

"Oh god Tez, what did he do?" He could sense the upset in her voice.

"Nothing. I'm fine, really. It's just complicated justnow okay?" He sighed and Gella heard him scuttering about before his voice came back on the line. His tone was quick and breathless as he spoke, "I have to go Gella. I'm sorry. I'll get in touch soon okay. I love you. Don't forget that okay. I love you. Bye."

"I love you too." As soon as she'd said the last word the phone clicked and the noise sounded to show that he'd hung up. She replaced the reciever and phoned to get the number of the last caller.

"The last person to call withheld their number." said the annoying recording.

Gella's heart sank as she replaced the reciever once more. "Oh Terrick where are you?" she said to the silence, expecting no answer yet still hoping for one. Turning she saw that Mila was within a quiet slumber and she placed a blanket over the child, afraid to move her incase she woke. She placed a delicate kiss upon the baby's forehead and lay her own head down on her folded arms that sat upon the table. Eyes closed and dreams drifted into Gella's mind.

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