Smile for me, black prince,
Smile for me and make me glad.

And I will cut my heart from my chest with a knife of ice,
And offer it up to you on a golden plate,
Licking up the blood that drips onto my face.
If that does not make you smile I will cry,
And my tears of blood will bleed me dry,
As I let my soul out through my eyes.

I will give you all I have,
Though you did not ask.
Black prince on your throne,
Making your decrees
For all but me.

I have seen a woman with screaming eyes
Walking through the future down to you,
And if I could, I would silence the noise,
And make her still.

Have you thought of the likelihood of tomorrow?
What if it never lives?
Will you look back from tomorrow's tomorrow,
And wish your throne was higher?
It could not have kept me from you,
I have reached you with the truth,
I can do miracles, love.
Can't you see me now, love?
I shine so bright.
All over, my hands,
They glow like a thousand dying fireflies,
My breath is yellow glowing smoke,
And I blind myself with my brightness.
Look, love…
I shine like you.
Look, love…
I shine for you.

Can you see me now?
I am your lighthouse.

Oh darling, darling,
My eyes are burning.
You shine too bright for me to bear,
So I will turn, and cut the thread, and leave you there,
And walk off singing in the salty air.
Until my eyes have found the shadow,
And you believe in tomorrow…