And so our hero makes his way toward the body.... As if coming awake from a bad dream his heart is beating fast... blood covers his hands but he doesn't know why... Looking down it all flashed through his eyes. The hands on his neck, the gun to his side, the anger... He couldn't just die...Pain. For the first time the pain became clear. his blood flowed from his side. He had to fight back. There was no stopping it. he had to protect her, he had to protect the people.Cold. Looking down at the body he realizes just what he has done... he can no longer go back... the blood drips from his hands, the knife falls to the floor... Too many bodies. too much blood shed. The police surround the building. Gunfire.The hot lead rips through his body. Freedom.How did it start. how many bodies. all this he deserved.He falls to his knees and smiles, he could feel again.

Looking back he remembers how it all started. Walking down the street, it was a nice day. Sunny, cool with a nice breeze. Nothing could go wrong. Just thinking about seeing her made him smile abit, It was truly a perfect day. Across the street was his final destination. A simple 10 steps to his girlfriend's house... The birds chirping in the distance gave it a whole romance movie mood. *Car horn blare* A black car out of no where plowed in to her house. Her bedroom wall caved in, and the screams soon rang out into the tranquil air. Who was he, why did he want to hurt her, why did the person go after her. his love, Rage... Black... All black... The rest of what happened was a blur. Kicking down the door... seeing him attacking her... It was all a movie... He was sitting in a theater watching himself pick the man up by the neck. It wasn't him it wasn't me... Black and red, that's the only thing to see. That's the only thing you can see when over come with rage. While pounding the strangers head in the wall, everything became numb, the knife through his heart over and over again. He couldn't stop. He was powerless. Numb.. He comes to standing over the body... Its no use trying to call the police...the struggling finally stopped he was clearly dead... the rolled back eye, or what you could make of an eye, and the multiple stab wounds tell the story. She screams. The terror on her face told it all. Soon it will all be over. The screams were only topped with the approaching sirens in the distance, but its all dulled by the sound of the knife going into his neck one last time. Its no use... its all over... he signed his death warrant with the last stab... At least she won't be hurting anymore. She will hopefully grow, and learn to forget. But the blood will never wash off his hands. the blood will never stop flowing, And that is supposed to make it all better... Death... That is what he feels nothing but cold death. Emotionless, guiltless, and heartless he stands up and makes his way out of the house. No use in talking, no use in thinking, no use in anything anymore. What is done is done... The blood flows from his body as he makes his way into the sunset... The sirens close in on the house. the girl still screaming barley explains everything to the cops. a wanted man now. He walks on, a dead man walking with only one thing on his mind. Death. Not knowing where he is going, how he is going to get there, he walks on.

Sunset finally lost its magic, There is nothing anymore. He looks up at the sky and realizes that all his feelings are gone, all happiness, all sadness, pain, love, all gone. The blood still flows from his body. How long can he bleed? How much longer will life torture him. The sky spins faster and faster.

"So this is it. Finally" He falls to the floor with a thud. More birds in the distance chirp. The night grows colder. and he lays there. in the dirt, in the middle of nowhere. The blood flows from his sides onto the dry ground.Rest. Visions of screams ring throughout his head. blood. death.torture.death.nothing but death. 4 words rest on his lips. "Not dead yet.damn" The world starts to come back. Only this time in replace of the sky was a metal roof with bright lights, in place of a promising sun rise was a 6 shooter pointed at his head, and in place of the happy ground in which promised a permit rest was a chair with his hands tied behind his back. Pain. His head throbs as the butt of the gun goes across his face. More blood.The shapeless figures take there turns at the blows. How many were there? 3.4.5? He couldn't tell the room wouldn't stop spinning. Laughter.The figures leave. hoping to prolong the pain. hoping to add to the suspense. I guess they saw one too many movies. He reaches for the knife in his shirt sleeve...cold. A cold chill comes over him as he realizes what is about to happen.The rope proved no match to the blade. "Is this what I have become" he laughed as he knew the answer.Standing up there was only one way out. the door right in front of him. The path was clear, but why bother, why try.Numb.He held the blade firmly as he made his way toward the door. killing was no longer a bad thing. no longer a thing that crossed his mind. It became a way of life. They never saw it coming. There were 4 of them. One at the car, two by the door he came out of, and on leaning against the car smoking. They fucked with the wrong man. The two by the door never had a chance. No feeling. no emotions. just a task at hand. Looking straight forward he plunges the knife into one of the guys neck, taken back the other guy throws his gun in the air making a perfect target for his heart. The whole thing took about 30 seconds, knife through the neck, steal his gun, shoot the other door guard in the heart, and grab his gun which was thrown into the air, the next two people don't even have time to react.the bodies hit the floor. Numb. Total numb.Collecting ammo, knife, and dual .45's he holsters the weapons and walks on into the day leaving more bodies in his wake. and the blood flows..