I Used to spend a lot of my life, thinking all this will never change.
But Now I'm spending all of my time, trying to figure out how I'm gonna keep it the same.
You know it's a hard thing, when reality gives you ding.
It's probably gonna sting, but hey thats what momma always told you.
Now, picture this a frame, you'd hang on your wall Picture this a frame, that perhaps might fall
And if it cracks it cracks and if it lacks it lacks
Youre the only one who said it was your best photo.
Saw you in the yesterday news, it said you know how to lose have gotten that bad?
And now I'm feeling sorry for you, is that the right thing to do, with all the millions you had?
It's a hard thing, when reality gives me a ding.
Why was death the only song you could sing?
But isn't that what most people sing.
Picture this a frame, you'd hang on your wall
And though it's not the same, you've caused so much pain, they just might decide to give you a call.
And if your proven, thats what you get for sin. You were the one who hated this world the most.