Picture this if you will
Dark rainy night,
Lightning in the background
Two guys sitting in a car
One crying, one listing,
Pain, tears, and hurt,
All over a girl. So he stays
Comforts, pours his soul into him,
3 min later the guy crying is holding and kissing his girl
then there is him. sitting on the bed. alone again..
(Now you have the setting)
I thought you were my angel
I thought you could make me happy
I thought you meant it when you said you needed me
So I gave you my heart.Gave you my soul.
You were my angel, my all, my love you deserved it all
And I love you.
Oh how your wings fell off so quickly
Soon your love grew apart
You took my heart, and you tossed it aside.
I gave you my all.
I loved you.
But that never mattered did it?
So I walked on, giving you what you wanted
Leaving me Alone again.
Hurt.but pain subsides.
Sitting in the car
A brother crying on my shoulder
All because of you.
Oh how those wings turned quickly into horns
Your wings fell off
And you welcomed him back
Oh how thou doth play with my emotions
I love you, but that never mattered did it?
No that never meant anything did it?
So I shrug it off and walk off into the night
And cry.
For alas. I am.
Alone again
So in the rain. I walk on.