Title: Poetry
Author: Heather P.

Poetry is a moments caption.
It is never meant to have meaning,
For it is only a translation of the heart's saying,
Through the pen and fingers.
It is not for the logic of the mind to bend,
And wield with deadly might.
(Oh yeah, critics are SO smart.
I'd like to see them confess their heart,
And be torn apart by others.)
But the only theme poetry is meant to carry is that the mouth,
Which ever more sighs and laments,
How others take it to be deeper,
When a poem was only made to pass a quiet moment by . . .

So . . .

. . . . Twiddle, Twiddle,

Oh, drat,
I'm bored again . . . . . .


a/n: This is does not mean that I think that Poetry has no meaning whatsoever. Exactly the opposite, actually. Poetry, I think, is the closest we will ever get to truly saying what is in our heads because, unlike some other literary forms, poetry has no rules, which means that you can do anything you want with it. And the only other form of 'entertainment' that I think even comes close to the expressive nature of poetry is music; which can also be very abstract in nature.