Title: Eternity Temp.
Author: Heather P.

In this place of darkness,
Where light shines,
Warmth comes alive,
In memories that shall never die,
And I feel I will never forget.

Let me not forget to be with you.

Even in my skin I know,
This feelin' in me,
This heaven beneath me,
And this softness around me.

And I would drown if I could.

In this softness,
Internal from love,
The sensory of bliss,
Sweet as your kiss,
From this touch upon my lips.

Please keep me alive.

I would travel far beyond this life,
For this one kiss I have never known,
That you offer me.
That I have never known,
This one kiss,
That you offer me,
This one kiss,
I have never known.
That you offer me
That I have never known
This one kiss
Let me drown in bliss.

The touch of love so sweet to me,
I hear the pitter of my heart,
And I see the scene so clearly.
What have you done to me?

I hold dear to me such sweet things,
As your touch,
As your kiss,
As your arms,
As your eyes,
I hold dear to me for they shall never die.

They inspire such sweetness,
In my life.
I would be still in my life,
I would never be complete
Without you
Without you