The One

Though you aren't the one who endured pain to bring me into being,

And though you're not the one who fed me from her breast,

And though you aren't the one who was always there to teach me simple words and simple things like brushing my teeth and combing my hair,

You are the one who feels pain when I feel pain and commiserates when no one else can.

You are the one who nourishes my soul with love and beauty in its deepest and sincerest form.

You are the one who teaches me wisdom beyond every day living, and how to find and be myself when darkness surrounds me.

You are the one who is there to celebrate my successes, cry my tears, and cherish my dreams.

No matter what anyone may think or say, you are my dearest friend, my soul's companion for infinite lifetimes.

For me you are the light that illuminates the shadows, that shines brightly the rays of truth in the hour of confusion, and the simple heat that warms my heart.

You are my mother, and because of you, I exist.