By Kenishiro (26/10/03) {A friend told me this story when we went on a trip, it really crack me up. it really did. well not literally, okay .here it is}

On one very fine morning, a boy aged nine came up to his father and looking at his father with a very puzzling look on his face. His father was reading the newspaper, ignoring his son because he was concentrating on reading the sports page.

The boy however realized that his father ignored him, so he decided to do something to attract his father's attention. He turned on the TV and picked up the remote, and began doing the things that everybody hates, frequently changing the channel.

But his father ignored him.

Then the boy went to the kitchen, and came out carrying chocolate syrup, a loaf of bread, a bottle of peanut butter and a packet of slice cheese. The boy did the unthinkable; he made a sandwich with cheese covered with chocolate syrup and peanut butter and actually ate them! His father looked at the boy with a very curious look on his face, shook his head but went on reading the newspaper. The boy thought for a while there that his father actually paid attention to him.

But then again his father ignored him.

"This required some extreme action," thought the boy. He decided that an extreme action is to be taken if he wanted his father's attention. He went to his father and . sat on his father's lap.

The father put down his newspaper and said, "Now wasn't that the easiest thing you can do if you want my attention? So tell me what it is that you wanted?"

"Just a question dad," answered the boy. His father replied, "Okay".

"Does our heart have legs?" asked the boy. His father laugh a little and answered the boy, "No, son. Our heart is inside our own body, Here". Putting his hand on the boy's chest.

But the boy seems to disagree with his father and said out the most outrages thing his father ever heard, "But daddy, last night I heard you in your room said, 'Sweet Heart, spread your legs!"

Muahahahaha... I know you like this story right? Feedback: Yes, please. Constructive criticism appreciated as well.