~**~** Believe **~**~

Hard it was to find a path
That led me closer to my dreams
Searching in and out of worlds
Where nothing's as it seems

When all the stones are thrown to me
Leaving scars unto my skin
The wounds eat into my soul
And Your voice fades within

My legs fall as they lose their strength
And now I start to crawl
Voices taunt my mind with fear
'I almost had it all'

I weep as tears force their way out
Of my weak and trembling veins
All trace of hope has all been dried
Throughout the falling rains

On bended knee, Oh mighty Sun
Please lend me one more ray
Let not your anger move your heart
Uncloud my darkened day

I moan inside this cloak
Of these ever-changing times
Still concealing from the truth
Afraid to show my crime

As despair slowly devours
All hope that's left inside
I finally called unto Your name
You pushed the coming tide

Striding through the clouds
Of my self-destructive dooms
Creating a new pathway
That will melt away the glooms

Digging deep inside
For the faith that yearns to live
Settling in my heart
As long as I believe...