"I'm not doing it," I declared. "There is no way I'm going to willingly make a fool out of myself. That would just be like inviting people to take the piss"

"No one takes the piss out of you" Hannah stated, once again. "Besides I bet you'll be great. You were amazing in that nativity play"

"I was seven and I played an angel." I muttered dryly "all I had to do was stand there"

"But you stood there like an angel," Jamie said not even bothering to try and contain his laughter. "Come on Adie. It will be a laugh"

"If by laugh you mean a completely embarrassing experience whereby everyone laughs at me than yea it will be."

"Come on" Hannah said encouragingly, "We'll be there to support you, won't we Jamie?"

"What Hannah means is I'll be there to support you." Jamie rolled his eyes, "and Hannah will be there to moon over lover boy"

"Than I'm definitely staying away, I mumbled opening my book and deliberately reading it signifying conversation over.

"Well I think you should at least try. Hey Andrew" Hannah called, turning to Jamie and me she said, all casual like. "I'll see you guys later right."

I looked up watching my best friend leave. "Yea of course lover boy calls."

"Oh, someone sounds jealous" Jamie teased me.

"Yea I'm madly in love with him. Now test me on this" I remarked thrusting the book at him.

"I can't believe you actually bother with this stuff," Jamie declared flicking through the pages. "I mean like anyone actually cares if something's hot by conduction, convection or radiation. It's hot"

"Try putting that down in a test"

"I don't get why you bothered with science at all"

"It was a choice between that and art"

"What exactly is wrong with art?" Jamie demanded all offended.

I couldn't help rolling my eyes at that it's so typically Jamie. "Nothing if you're you A* student. It's kind of hard to do when you can't draw though," I complain.

"You're not that bad" Jamie said all comfortingly. "Even Whittikar said that the acorn you drew was good"

"Yea, the acorn," I trailed off sheepishly. "I er kind of got Dom to um well er draw it for me"

"You're hopeless," Jamie chuckled

"At art, I know I am. Can we move on now?"

"Realistically speaking now, are you going to bother auditioning." Jamie asked, sitting up and watching me intently.

I couldn't help wincing at the very idea. "It seems like I have a choice between that art and music. I have to do one."

Jamie made a sympathetic face, probing. "So?"

"Well you've seen my art. The music teacher told me not to bother going back so I just have such a great amount of choice."

"She only told you that cause you said there was no point in music and you didn't see why you couldn't drop it ASAP as it didn't matter. If you apologized I don't know maybe she'd reconsider"

I made a face at the very idea. "It's true though," I moaned. "Besides she hates me, she's never liked me even before we got into that argument"

"Than do the play" Jamie, ever the logical stated standing. "Now I've got to go talk to the coach about cross country so I'll see you after school at the audition." Without bothering to wait for an answer he was off jogging leaving me staring after him in disgust.

"And you think I'm crazy" I muttered to myself. Students and teachers universally like Jamie, sure he wasn't exactly popular but he had no qualms about standing up while the world laughed at him. Unfortunately I really did!

The idea of doing the drama is about as appealing as spending the next few weeks in detention which pretty much seemed to be my alternative unless I could convince one of the few teachers that don't despise students in general and me in particular to take pity.

I stood wandering back to the school building. Sure I was confident but not to the extent of stupidity and there was no way I was planning on sitting in the middle of the field jacked.

"Sadie," I turned at the teachers voice coming face to face with Ms Antoine, my French teacher. "I've been wanting to talk to you."

"Sure," I responded wondering what I could possibly be guilty of this time. "I noticed your name wasn't down for the French exchange. I was sure there must have been some mistake so, I'll put it down then?"

"er, no," I said trying to contain my rising anger. "I decided not to go for it."

"Oh, well I just thought you would after all Kat." she trailed off. It was Katherine, it always came back to my bloody sister. She was perfect so I was supposed to be perfect. "You're a very talented student you should think carefully about it." I nodded my agreement biting back all the words I'd be screamed at for saying and even tried a smile. Admittedly it comes out as a grimace but I tried.

As soon as I entered the safety of the form room I let rip. "That stuck up selfish, urg. Who the hell does she think is telling me what to do just because Katherine was perfect?" I trailed off and give up on my anger therapy, mid kick at the sound of the door opening.

"What's going on?" Andrew asked. He paused seeing me. "Oh, it's you"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I don't need to bother with anger therapy not with Andrew around anyway it's absolutely bloody useless unless. trying to contain my temper doesn't work much better.

"What was that about?" Andrew responded gesturing to the lockers where I'd had my anger therapy.

"What was what about?" I so did not want Andrew knowing that a) I just lost my temper and b) it was over what my bloody French teacher said.

"Uh, you practically foaming at the mouth while you rant and rave," he paused, the smarmy arrogant smirk starting up. "Oh, yea that's you normally"

"Get a life and keep the fuck out of mine," I hissed storming past with his response trailing after me.

"I've got one that's why pretty much every girl in the school wants to be with me." For a second I consider turning back and saying something like as if. Problem is it's true. For some reason, god knows why girls actually like him, like Hannah. Life it's just way too weird sometimes.

It wasn't really a surprise that I ended up sitting in the hall watching everyone go through their auditions while I vied between being unnoticeable and the thought that I had to get some part.

Just my luck it was Hannah who typically gets me noticed, with her whispering and the besotted looks she was shooting at Andrew who was doing his piece.

I may not like him, in fact I can't stand him. He's this arrogant, self- centred egotistical jerk who thinks he's all that. Still even I have to admit that he can do the Romeo bit no problem. Probably because they're both odious little worms that sprout off all this crap and people believe them, it's crazy.

Everyone can tell, I mean it's not like you need to be a genius to see that Andrew is going to end up as Romeo. God, I've never known the role of, no forget that. For a second I thought as Tybalt I'd get a chance to kick his smarmy arse. Instead he gets to kill me, how fun.

As soon as Andrew finished he has his little fan club doing their cheers and breathless giggles. Revolting, absolutely and totally revolting. Anyway after he's finished Mrs Taylor decides to glance round and chuck everyone - who isn't there to try out for the play - out.

The rest of it's pretty typical. She accused Hannah of being there to eye up Andrew, which just goes to show not all teachers are fools. Though of course she put it slightly broader and politer.

Hannah goes all offended and said, "I'm here to support Sadie as she's nervous." Teacher eyes me up in surprise.

"Sadie I didn't know you were interested in drama." She says with the big smile of a teacher that actually likes kids.

Of course my reputation precedes me when you have a perfect sister whose reports say stuff like 'a role model to the rest of the class' and a brother that's just the definition of cool as well as like brilliant at sports you get teachers excited, at first anyway.

I look down all mock embarrassed and mumble something. I am so not going in to why I'm trying out for 'a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.'

The next thing I know I'm walking up the side of the hall about to go on to the stage with the teacher thrusting a book at me. The balcony scene.

"We're going to try you out with the traditional play" Mrs Taylor says. "How about you read this with, Mark isn't it?" she points vaguely to some guy I barely recognize, hangs out with Andrew and Dom, that's all I know. I have about a second to look down at the scene in disgust - at well - the idiot that is Juliet.

The words just keep coming out it's as I'm wearing a mask of Juliet. As if there's someone else saying the words and I'm just watching. Pages turn over as we just go through the dialogue and than suddenly there are no more pages. It's finished and I can get off the stage and embarrassment back to my normal life.

************************************************************** Andrew

I couldn't help watching her, as she acted out her piece. As much as I hate to admit it (at times) she's good. Even stranger from my point of view, I guess is that it's good to see her up there, acting again.

I mean I'm glad she's back to normal, whatever normal is for her. Even so for my own comfort as stupid and futile as it is I can't help praying someone else - anyone else gets the role because I don't feel like spending my free time being criticised, yelled at and called names. Especially not by her.

"So you get it?" I turn at the familiar voice and watch as Jamie walks to Sadie's side.

"What do you think," she says with the scorn she normal reserves for me.

Jamie laughed, "you did your little piece everyone stood in absolute amazement and then the drama teacher went down on her knees and begged you to be part of this play because it would be a complete failure if you didn't."

"Yea that was it. How could I possibly have missed it?" Sadie said rolling her eyes. For a second I wonder if she's even going to bother staying to hear who got the results. Than they both sit, Jamie nods a greeting to me while Hannah and Sadie go into that whispering laughing thing that all girls seem to do.

Almost as if Sadie's aware of me watching she turns shaking her head and glares at me. If looks could kill, I'd be dead like ten times over and I've only been in her company for like twenty minutes.

It doesn't take long for us to find out who's in the play. At least the main characters, Sadie pretty obviously gets the role of Juliet. The role most girls would be like over the moon with but Sadie just grimaces for a second as Jamie and Hannah laugh. It's not fair I mean nearly every girl in the school would kill to be Juliet especially with me being Romeo but I joy of all joys end up stuck with Sadie.

I watch as Ms Antoine walks over to Sadie and says something and Sadie just looks down, her hair sort of covering her face. The next thing I know Ms Antoine is standing by me. Telling me I've got the part of Romeo, I do my routine 'so happy' thing. Than Lacey's wrapping her arms round me squealing her congratulations and glaring round the rest of the hall to make sure everyone's seeing this.

"Well Andrew as you've got your role if you can be here tomorrow afternoon we're going to talk through the play." Ms Antoine said smiling all happy as if this play was like the biggest thing in her life. I just nod my agreement tuning off while Lacey turns to Ms Antoine, not loosening her iron grip on my arm one bit.

"When are the other roles going to be announced? I just really want to be something in it. I mean it will be so good." Lacey squealed happily and for a minute Ms Antoine's smile dims as if she's got the same image as me. Lacey can't act, the idea of her being in the play. Well between her and Sadie I might as well give up now cause there is no way in hell I'd come out of this bloody play intact.

Once the unofficial news is given everyone starts leaving. I can see Alan up ahead so I move. Listening to Lacey's squeals of happiness for me, and the evils she's shooting every girl in the room is giving me a headache. There is no way I'm going to be with lacey for much longer. I mean sure she looks good but for someone who's suppose to be all fragile and stuff she's got a grip like iron.

"So Romeo, my man," Alan said grinning as I try to ditch Lacey. "You did get the role right?" he queried, obviously I didn't look happy enough. I nodded my agreement massaging my tender wrist where the red marks of Lacey's nails stood out. It was only a couple of minutes after that that Lacey came sauntering up looking well hot and totally satisfied.

"Hey Sadie, I hear your stuck with this jerk for the play." Alan called out, giving me a friendly whack on the back. Everyone who could hear smiles or laughs I mean it's not as I'm that bad.

Only Sadie grimaces, "unfortunately, yeah." I can feel my temper starting to boil I mean who the hell is she to talk it's not as if she's that great a catch. Alan and Jamie laughed they're pretty much use to Sadie's lovely compliments about me. Hannah looked mildly offended and Lacey looked livid. Than again my ex and my girlfriend agreeing on something, miracles do happen.

"I mean it's not as if she were that good. I mean I was so obviously better than her. Ms Antoine just picked her cause she's like a teachers pet." Lacey moaned.

I nodded my head wondering what the hell she was talking about now, ever since we'd left the school building she'd been moaning. So far we'd been through how the teachers only picked there favourite. "Except you of course as you were great. Did you see the evils all the girls were giving me just because I'm prettier I mean is that my fault."

"Sadie is just like such a cow, can you believe her like I mean I told her that Ms Antoine only picked her cause she felt sorry for her. I mean she was so obviously worse than me." I tuned in on this; I have this perverse satisfaction in knowing that someone else is on the wrong side of Sadie. That I'm not the only one receiving her particular brand of insults.