Hi, for anyone still reading this. I'm so sorry. I'm having problems with this story. I hope you like the chapter.

* * *


I curled up, wrapping the blanket around me and shooting Andrew a relieved glance I hoped he didn't catch. Before turning to glance back at the screen wondering why it was the air no longer felt oppressive. Why was it I was feeling better and most of all why was it Andrew of all people who had helped.

"So what are you doing here?" I asked curious. What was so important that Andrew was in my house? Had the world ended especially since we hadn't finished yesterday or any day recently as friends.

"I thought you wanted to torture me with the lion king. Now we're talking." I scowled at that. I liked the lion king but decided not to start another argument especially since, sneaking a look at Andrew's face I realised he was using a tried and trusted technique, one of mine. Aggravation. I waited patiently

"Well?" I asked hating the small grin

"I wondered how long it would take you. Has anyone told you, you really need to work on your patience."

"Andrew." I muttered through clenched teeth.

He groaned, glancing at the door. Probably more so he didn't have to look at me. "You weren't at school. I remembered being told to make sure you got home okay since you looked like shit. You had gone home with a random guy I figured you might be dead." I tried to hide my grin as I caught a glance at Andrews's serious expression. That was actually kind of sweet in a really, really strange way. And would have been totally and utterly unbelievable if he didn't have that serious earnest look on his face. Dead! 

A small grin started to spread as Andrew watched me. "I figured, as I was the last one to see you. I might be held responsible. Otherwise I would have just thanked the guy." The smile died as I glared at him seriously affronted as he cracked up.

"Glad you find it so funny." I muttered turning back to the screen. I blankly ignored his attempts to talk to me.

Of course his attempts were mostly along the lines of, "this is rubbish there's the godfather why don't we watch that instead."

"Shove over Sadie," this time I did look up of course that was because I couldn't see the screen instead I was staring at Andrew.

"What?" I asked staring up at the figure towering above me. He looked surprisingly tall for perhaps the first time in my life I felt like one of those fragile delicate women in one of those western films. Not a comforting feeling. Sitting up so I was only three inches smaller instead of seven I glared.

The glaring didn't stop, especially since moving my pillow and ignoring my protests he sat. "What" I asked very civilised, "do you think your doing?" of course I also had to whack him with the pillow a few times a few times, just to get the point across you understand.  

Shoving the pillow away, he glared slightly out of breath. "I'm sitting. It's cold and you have a blanket. I figured, as you might be ill. I probably shouldn't nick it. So we're going to try something new and exciting." He grinned that mischievous grin that I'd learnt pretty early on meant trouble. "We're going to teach you how to share."

"Me, share" I squawked grabbing the pillow Andrew had an iron clad grip on and trying to pummel him while half my body was collapsed over him. "I'm quite capable of sharing you arrogant insufferable bastard." I yelled grabbing the pillow and whacking him with it.

Slightly out of breath but still laughing. He grabbed the pillow pushing it and my hands down. "You know it's not really possible me being a bastard what with my parents being married for three years before I was born."

At that I gave up and decided to completely and utterly ignore him. After uttering a few strange squeaks, the like never heard of before and proceeding in making Andrew laugh so hard he started crying. Grabbing the pillow I shoved it onto his lap and curled up hoping I didn't do anything embarrassing, like dribble and wondering why I cared.

There was silence for a good twenty minutes while I started to get into the film and tried to forget Andrew was there and think of him as a bumpy really uncomfortable pillow that I couldn't seem to get comfortable on and that I was intensely aware of. He fidgeted.

"What are you doing?" I asked drowsily as his hand stroked my head again. It was surprisingly relaxing. The hand running the length of my hair and over the blanket. It was warm and comforting. Right up until I realised Andrew was stroking me. I was being petted, like a cat. Andrew was petting me and I hadn't even realised. 

At that I jerked up eyes wide staring at the tanned skin and the faint blush on his cheeks as he looked at me and there was an embarrassed pause what was I suppose to say or do for that matter.

In the stories this would be where we kissed. I banished that stray thought making a muffled sound trying and not to blush. This was Andrew the guy who'd driven me mad and not in the intensely attracted way. In the way where any bad day I had could have been attributed to him or Ian. He wasn't even cute; I glanced up trying and failing to be subtle, well yes if you ignored the bad personality he was. Andrew looked around the room awkwardly. For a second I debated moving but I was comfortable in fact I liked Andrew being close, I just didn't like these awkward moments. Pulling my blanket away I stood.

"Do you want anything to eat?" I asked looking to the side of him and hoping I didn't look as red and flushed as I felt.  

At any other time this would be his moment for a quip. At any other time I wouldn't have asked but I did and Andrew obviously felt as awkward as I did because he didn't quip just looked at me for a mille- second before glancing away to stare at the walls. "I'm okay, thanks."  

I nodded walking out of the room not in the least hungry and feeling more awkward by the second.