Title: Midnight Boy

Author: Platinum-Siren

Rating: R (for later chapters)

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Summary: Cari Webb is an outcast at school. Jason Akahoshi is a 200 year old vampire. What will happen when the two come together?

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Prologue: The Loner


Cari lowered her head as she walked past the group that had just shouted at her. 'Just look at the floor and walk as fast as you can' she thought to herself. Everyday was like this, she couldn't go anywhere without being shouted at, pushed, kicked.

Dodging the oncoming crowd of students and barely missed being hit by an array of objects varying from paper to someone's chewing gum, Cari pushed open the doors that lead to the next corridor and walked down it.

It wasn't like she was different; there were plenty of other people like her in the school. So why was she the one to be shunned? She was used to the taunting, so much so that she put up a front at school as a cold and unfeeling person. Just so they thought that it was useless to bully her.

It didn't work.

Thank god it was the end of the day.

Cari sighed quietly as she walked out of the school amongst the crowd of students. Dragging her headphones over her ears she turned the music up and let the talking of the other kids be drowned out.

Because she knew that she was the topic of discussion.


He stood by the school gate, watching the swarm of children filter out in opposite directions as they walked home. Some of the girls giggled and winked at him as they went past, but he ignored this.

Jason stood about 6ft tall, his toned body was draped in a silk shirt and black jeans along with biker boots and a leather jacket. His hair was dark contrasted with the short, sharp streaks of red that covered the shortish black waves. His chocolate brown almond shaped eyes went past the giggling girls and focused on…


He felt his heart tighten as she walked closer. His eyes never left her face as she walked past, her eyes fixed to the floor, afraid of eye contact with anyone in case someone misinterpreted it. Watching her walk off into the distance, disappearing once again in the crowd, he sighed and started to walk away from the gate.

He had watched her for a long time and had slowly grown to love her and want to protect her from those who caused her misery. There was just one problem…

Jason Akahoshi was a 200 year old vampire.


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