Standing alone,
Thinking about life,
About the people who've hurt me,
Wondering how I can hurt them,
Make them realise,
What they've done.

Standing on the edge,
Which way to walk,
Forward, to freedom and happiness,
Or back to sadness,
The options are simple, the decisions are not.

Knowing which way I want to walk,
To run,
But thinking makes you're mind wonder,
What would really happen if I left this?
This place we call our home,
Our world.

If I walked, I'd be free,
No more hurt,
No life filled with pain,
If I went back,
I'd only be hurt more.

But do these people,
Who've hurt me?
Deserve to see they've won,
They've hurt me deep down,
And killed my soul,
They don't deserve the gratitude.

The people that care about me,
Are a lot more important,
Than those that don't,
My happiness verses their happiness.
Why should I wreak their lives,
Just because people wreaked mine?