It is a true fighter's greatest fear
To have his opponent oh so near
Pinning him still, against the floor
Or trapping him tightly behind the door
Cornered, with terror in his eyes
Held where no one could hear his cries
Taking beatings against which he cannot defend
Causing painful wounds which shall not mend
An endless struggle, all over again
Against this foe, he cannot win
Submitting himself to a hurtful defeat
He cowers low and admits that he's beat
Then he endures the flying fists
Praying that many as can shall miss
He feels the bruises spreading o'er his flesh
He tastes the blood from a head wound, fresh
Trickling down his face, mingled with tears
Knowing this pain has been waiting for years
It's haunted him, played him, and kept him from sleep
And when he grew weak, into his mind it creeped
He feels like he's dying, and all's fading fast
His lungs scream his next breath will be his last
Then, one thousand voices in suffering scream
In cold sweat, the eyes open... was only a dream