Friends Forever?

Whoever invented the phase: "Friend, I will stay with you together forever."? Well, whoever did, it isn't true, 'cause my friend and I aren't friends just because of a stupid little necklace. "What a dumb idea to fight over a necklace and ruin our friendship." That's what I say now-and-days, after my friend and I won't speak to each other... By the way, my name's Kari.

*  *  *

Walking home after school one day, my friend, Natalie and I were skipping backwards, just to be silly, and partly to show off.

While we were skipping, Natalie lost her balance, ran into me, and together we fell into a mud puddle. Mud went everywhere. I looked over at my friend and gave her the mean eyes. She said, "Hey, I didn't mean to." Then we both started to laugh.

It wasn't until five minutes later, Natalie got up, but I couldn't, because the mud was just too slippery. Natalie just stood there laughing at me. I just rolled my eyes, then reached down in the muddy water to put on my shoe, because it was off for some reason. Maybe the mud caused it to slip off my foot. Anyway, when I reached down to the water, I felt something. I was totally freaked out, because I thought it was something that would be harmful. I pulled it out and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was a gold-plated necklace, but I couldn't actually tell, because it was all covered in mud.

"Hey, look at this!" I said to my friend.

"Whoa! That must be worth hundred bucks, at least." 

"What're we going to do with it?" I asked.

"How about we share it?" she suggested.

I shrugged. "I guess so. Sure."

"So," she paused. "Who's going to keep it for about two days, first?"

"Uh, me."

"What?!" Natalie folded her arms. "No way! You can't!"

"Why can't I? I found it, remember?"

"Why can't you?!" she screamed. "Because if you were a real friend, you'll let me keep it for two days!"

"But--" I started.

"But, nothing! You should let me keep it for two days!" She yelled in my face.

"No! I want to keep it first! I found it!" I yelled back to her face.

Natalie shook her head and started to run off down the sidewalk. "If you can't be a real friend, then I will just leave you all be yourself, with no one else to guide you through fifth grade!"

"Fine! I don't need you. I'll find me another best friend, not one like you! Mean, rude, and whatever else you are!" I just started shouting off these words. I wasn't even thinking that I was losing my best friend, I knew since second grade.

I sat there in the mud puddle, all alone, staring at a tree that was right beside me. A little dog came out from the tree and started licking my face. I shouted in an angry tone, "Get off me, stupid dog!" I picked up a rock and threw it at the dog. It yelped and ran off.

[Stupid friend! Stupid! Why did I ever become friends with her in the first place? Oh, I know, I wasn't thinking clearly enough!] I thought.


A/n-- What'll happen with Natalie and Kari?