All Year Round

Winter, Spring
Summer, Fall
I visit this bitch
All year round.

Winter is evil
If you ask me
Nothing gets that cold that fast
Without electricity.
Winter steals from people
'Cause that's when I loose
My energy.

Some people are wintery
They try to steal from me
They make me loose
My energy
I wish they would go away and

Spring is my thing
I go out
And do my thing
You might see
The boys come to me
I meet my boo
On the block
We make our debut

But wait...DAMN
Won't winter just let me be?
I'll teach that bitch
Not to mess with me

Summer is the shit
I sit on the block
With my clique
Our blood runs thick
A second family
The first just ain't for me

I sit with my crew
Wait. here come my boo
Then I see homeboy
Pull out his toy
I see my nigga
Pull on the trigger
I didn't like winter
But I didn't want his moms
Hiring a grave digger

Fall is here
That shit is clear
True colors start to bear
Why did my friends disappear?
I stood by my boo
Forget the crew
Who had my back?
Only a few that stayed true.

I told a untrue tale
To get my man
Out of jail
Together, we did prevail
Me, my boo and my true crew

And so ends the story
But then there is another Winter
And another Fall for it to lead to
I told you this bitch
Follows me all year thru.

Um.well, yeah. Only one way to explain this one. I call "Life". And, trust
me, life is a bitch.

Truth be told, this is the most explicit poem I've put on this
far. ..I'm just playin'. I don't really do cursing in my poems but for this
one, it was necessary.

Love it, Hate it, Like It, loathe it. Tell me what you think. Please