A Witch's Hex
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Friday,October 31st at around Midnight,
When something had turned it into an evening of pure fright
For a Cleveland State University student named Herbie
Grayson,who was unable to get anyone to be
His date for a party on that Halloween night.

But then,just as he was about to give up hope and go
Right on home,he had suddenly bumped into Heather Doe,
An attractive raven haired beauty
Who had just suddenly
Appeared in front of Herbie's own little pinkie toe.

"I've heard that you're looking for a date.",
Said a half smiling Heather."Well,I'm willing to be your mate,
If you allow me to do so."And after Herbie had slowly
Nodded his head,both he and Heather had gone into the party,
Which had suddenly began to be in such an high octaine state.

Then suddenly,after he had noticed that Heather
Might've found the whole thing disturbing for her
Taste,Herbie had placed his gentle hand
Into Heather's and asked,"Do you want to listen to the band,
Or do you want to get out of here?"She had chosen the latter.

After they had left the building and walked into a parking lot,
Heather had pointed to a car that had looked a little like a robot
And said,"My car is over there.We could sit inside it,
If you want."And with that,both Herbie and Heather were able to sit
In the car and look up at the stars that were hovering over the parking lot.

"Such a beautiful night,is it not?",asked Heather,
After she had placed my hand on top of her
Silky smooth thigh.What happened next is
That both Herbie and Heather were able to kiss
Each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after he had placed her
On his lap,Herbie had started kissing Heather
In the mouth,on the cheek and on her neck.
But then,something that was straight out of Heck
Had caused a transformation in his newfound lover.

After a set of fangs had suddenly streached
Their way out of her mouth,she had drove them into his flesh
And began drinking the blood out of Herbie's neck.
And then,after she had removed her fangs from his neck,
Heather had started to howl,for his blood was coursing through her flesh.

"Now,as you could already tell,
Herbie.I'm what you might call a creature from Hell.",
Said Heather,after she had placed herself next
To Herbie."You see,I'm a victim of a witch's hex,
Which had happen long before anyone was able to tell.

My actual name is Dominique Sinclair
And back in the year 1556,I was living my life without care.
But that was before I've made fun of an old crone,
Whom I hadn't known was a witch,until she had took out a tome
And read a spell,which had caused a bat to fly from out of nowhere
And drain away my blood,ending the life of Dominique Sinclair.

After that,it had suddenly gone from bad to worse,
For I had discovered that I had been cursed
With being a blood sucking vampire forever.
Many years afterward,I've gone in search of her
To get her to remove the curse.

But no matter where I had roamed,
I was unable to find that old crone
And had no choice,but to remember
That I'll have no choice,but to be forever
Cursed for what I had done to the old crone.

And the one other thing that I really hate
Is that I would find no one to mate
With.But that's before I've found you
And realized that I've found someone new
To become my mate."

And then,at that moment,a single tear
Had ran down his cheek,for he was beginning to fear
That he would have no choice,but to be Heather's
Blood sucking vampirish mate forever.