A Five Lettered Word
If I asked you to love me what would you say?
If I asked you to hold me would you turn away?
If I asked you to just tell me everything would be okay
Would you lie and tell me yes
Would you help me through all of this?
What if I asked you to be there
For me when I needed you
When I felt like there was no one in the world to love me
What If I thought for once I could cry onto you
Express all my pain and think that you would send it away
Would you laugh in my face
Would you turn away?
Would you think I was crazy?
Would you turn away?
I know you won't ever love me
It is all I dream I had
It is turning into a nightmare
I thought there might be
For one small second
Some one there to accept all the love I have to give
And give it back equally
To love and to hold and to listen and to cry to
And some one who would love me and hold me and tell me and wipe my tears
Some one who would care about me
There is no one
I am left alone
Who knew a five-letter word could cause so much pain in the life of one